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Durham Agency highlights PAXI impact with SA Entrepreneurs in “Do PAXI Online” campaign

The spotlight is on local small businesses in PAXI’s latest “Do PAXI Online” campaign, which features the real stories of hustling South African entrepreneurs, showcasing the difference that PAXI’s parcel delivery service makes in their business.

Launched at the beginning of April, the campaign took to the city streets and bustling hubs across South Africa to discover entrepreneurs who make use of the PAXI courier service in their day-to-day business. To encourage small business owners to make use of the business portal to pre-register, track and send parcels, the “Do PAXI Online” campaign was launched where PAXI customers could stand the chance to WIN a share of R50 000 towards their business.

‘It’s hard to unsee how people make something out of nothing, hustling their next sale via social media and at times coming from the most challenging situation,’ said Adeeb Franciscus, marketing lead and founder at Durham, the creative agency responsible for the nickname Mzansi Makers and the overall “Do PAXI Online” campaign.

We have learned over time that the true value and impact of a brand, product or service is better understood and felt in the way people use it in their day-to-day lives – that’s what makes the difference.

The creative team at Durham agency ditched the desktop research, instead giving names and voices to Mzansi’s Makers spanning PAXI’s footprint from Gauteng to KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape, for a first-hand understanding of the SME market and PAXI business customer.

Commenting on the campaign impact, the PAXI team shared how motivating it is to see first-hand the impact the PAXI services have on the lives of millions of South Africans and how excited they are to continue to collaborate with Durham in further amplifying the PAXI brand.

‘Durham is proud to have been the creative partner for PAXI since 2018. It’s so rewarding to be involved with a product offering and brand that truly makes a difference in the lives of everyday South Africans and entrepreneurs. I am in awe of South African SMEs; their stories, their happiness, their passion and their successes. I certainly am proud to be one myself,’ expressed Franciscus.

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