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Nex Media Contacts

Nex Media Digital TV

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Nex Media Contacts

More and more marketers are demanding media that delivers a return on investment. They are shifting their marketing spend to measurable, accountable media. Nex Media Contacts targets these important decision-makers and will, undoubtedly, prove to be an invaluable resource to the industry. It connects your client to you.

Nex Contacts is the one portal that will connect you to your next client. Read More...

Nex Media Village

Giving back to the community that serves the Advertising, Media and Marketing industries, Nex Media Village attempts to strengthen this
sector from within.

Nex Media Brand makes a difference by utilising Nex Media Village to connect those in need with those who can help. We highlight the necessities of the community and acknowledge industry heroes.

Making a positive difference in our village today builds a stronger and more prosperous city tomorrow. 

Nex Media Online

Keeping our audience abreast with the latest developments in Print, Packaging and Signage, Nex Media Online is a fortnightly electronic newsletter that is mailed out to key decision makers in the industry.

Incorporating highly informative and educational content, breaking news and banner advertising, our cutting-edge technology enables you to communicate with the reader on Nex Media Online – their newsletter of choice. Read More...

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