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The Racket Club’s no boundary approach pays off

Former experiential agency, Activent has rebranded to The Racket Club, with a through-the-line approach which is paying off. In just a year since inception the new agency has experienced substantial business and revenue growth that has seen them triple their revenue and agency size in under a year, when compared to the Activent entity.

Formed in 2021 by Grant Pleming, former Activent founder, the reinvention came out of the need to adjust the agency’s former below-the-line approach to that of a new through-the-line model, whilst maintaining the same disruptive nature of work and a hands-on approach to the way they work with partners/clients. The Racket Club also now boasts a leadership team with almost 40 years of experience and believes that cultural impact is their business metric.

‘We’re cheeky, disruptive with a strong, talented team and great internal culture – a “club” in all sense of the word and we strive to make a “racket” or noise for our clients,’ says Grant Pleming. ‘It therefore made sense to describe our agency as The Racket Club.’

He continues, ‘Reigniting Activent as a new agency with a new identity and approach was not only a smart business decision but a necessity in terms of meeting potential clients’ needs. At the start of 2020 we had lost almost 80 percent of our operating revenue due to the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown, the new agency positioning needed to match our new integrated approach and allow us to rebuild.

‘Embarking on the rebrand of the agency we assessed what our current and future clients would need, and we built our offering around that. ‘Clients’ demands and expectations skyrocketed, we just made sure we always surpassed those expectations with a quick turnaround time matched by strong strategic creative and ultimately a flawless roll-out execution,’ he adds.

He says that the agency is very proud of the work they’ve achieved for their clients, which include prominent brands such as Red Bull, Pioneer Foods, Superdry, Cipla, TFG and Halewood to name a few.

Pleming attributes the agency’s growth to hard work, relentless business development, brave clients and a kick-ass team who all believe in creating great work. ‘We all share the same passion and business vision to grow and continue to push the boundaries in a time when it seemed unlikely,’ he says. ‘We mustn’t forget that a lot of the work was built on future-proof strategies, and now with the world opening up we are expected to finally get to execute more of these.’

Pleming concludes, ‘We have some exciting work in the pipeline and are looking forward to continuing on this growth trajectory in the coming months.’

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