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Meet Carmen Murray Communications – a little offbeat, but always on point!

A new innovative data-driven content marketing business, Carmen Murray Communications, launched on Wednesday, 16 February, and is led by leading digital analyst and content strategist, Carmen Murray.

Carmen Murray, a leading digital analyst, content strategist, and CEO & Founder of Carmen Murray Communications, has launched the innovative data-driven content marketing business which aims to provide its clients with expertly crafted content marketing, which produces results and value.

‘Every brand has its story to tell, but not every consumer necessarily needs to hear it. Engaging the right audience, with the right message, on the right platforms, at the right time, is more valuable than making the loudest noise,’ says Carmen. ‘Where traditional digital marketing agencies might shout your message from the rooftops, Carmen Murray Communications promises the opposite! We’ll whisper it into the ears of those you really want to reach and make sure they never forget it!’

Carmen Murray Communications’ full-service content marketing engine serves up extraordinary content achieving freakishly effective results. Using its tried and tested analytical data intelligence, which has been refined over the past 20 years, the company serves up hyper-targeted content strategies that work.

Services offered by Carmen Murray Communications:

  • Collect (Data Intelligence): Digging for the data and analysing every angle to know the business and the customers and what they want
  • Think (Content Marketing Strategy): Formulating content marketing strategies using the data intelligence to spread the message in the most effective way
  • Create (Brave enough to be creative): Execution with creative bravery and precision through the written word with perfectly crafted copy, video content that inspires action, voice content that reaches the ears and touches the soul, or graphics that tell a story with every pixel
  • Teach (Borrowing our brains): Passionate about inspiring young generations to reach their full potential

‘I am obsessed with data. It’s like “paint by numbers” for me. The more dots I connect, the more colours I see, and the more my creativity is fuelled. This is where the strategy and content creation of marketing collide. Call me the “Van Gogh” of content,” Carmen concludes.

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