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While there are a number of companies doing vehicle wraps and branding, there are not many which can claim to have done it on the scale and taken it to the heights achieved by XtremeinkworX. When it comes to vehicles it seems the bigger the better for this Strijdom Park-based company.


XtremeinkworX was formed in January 2008 as a small, two-man operation working in cramped conditions out of a 2sqm office offering a print broking service. While the brokerage was successful, some of the demands from customers made the partners realise that there was a need for a direct service to meet some of the more urgent print requirements. This resulted in the decision to invest in a large-format HP8000 printer for the production of roll-ups and vinyl prints. Production was then extended to include printing onto material for the production of gazebos and flags.


The growth in demand for printed materials resulted in the need to move to a dedicated factory. This brought with it increased demand and it was at this time that the company was asked by a client to do some vehicle branding. Even though this did not form part of the product portfolio, the challenge was accepted. Partner Jeffrey Hausberger commented, ‘Our motivation was to be able to print anything and do everything. You can imagine our amazement and amusement when the vehicle turned out to be a double-decker bus.’


A rapid and on-the-job learning curve ensued and turned out to be a very successful endeavour with a client who was very happy and completely satisfied. Jeffrey added, ‘This only motivated us to take on more and to do more vehicle branding. We have not looked back and have even done more unusual vehicles since then, things such as helicopters.’


In July 2012 the 150sqm factory had served its purpose and a larger facility was needed. The move into a 250sqm factory brought with it even more growth and resulted in the installation of another new machine, this time an HP 26500 latex printer, which opened up even more capabilities and opportunities. The attraction of this particular machine was its eco-friendly inks featuring low-odour solvents and very high quality prints. Growth also came in the fact that the staff compliment had grown to five involved in a range of functions from vehicle wrapping, exhibition stands branding, signage, brand activation and canvas stretching.


A year later, the proverbial brakes were applied, due in part to the worldwide economic slowdown and also due to the general reduction of volumes being experienced in the broader printing industry. A strategic move was undertaken to secure the future. This involved entering into a strategic partnership with the Media Company Maxposure allowing both companies to benefit from the alliance. This also allowed XtremeinkworX to be the preferred print supplier and at the same time offer more media related products such as Photoboxi, Instamax and Graffitimax.


Jeffrey commented, ‘Despite our best efforts and the partnerships which had been formed, we did not really see a significant improvement. Something fundamental had changed within the industry, the market had become price-driven and customer loyalty took a back seat. The only solution was to dissolve the three-way partnership with the result that the company is now owned and run by Jeffrey and Henry Motta Marques. Other than that, the company remains the same with a high degree of passion for providing customers with top-quality print and outstanding service.


Now, with a total of six employees and a high degree of expertise in vehicle branding and wrapping, XtremeinkworX is ideally set to tackle the challenges and take on new and even bigger projects. While its print facility is based in Johannesburg, it is also able to offer installation or wrapping solutions in Durban and Cape Town. Who knows, a boat, yacht or ship could be one of the next projects it undertakes with a full wrap. There are no limits either on air or land or sea. The only aim is to be the No. 1 choice for printing, branding and signage.


For all your branding, vehicle wrapping and large-format printing requirements, or to find out what other services XtremeinkworX can offer you, call Jeffrey on 0861 123 949 or e-mail

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