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Nex Media readers are the decision-makers, the movers and shakers behind this multi-billion rand marketing sector. They represent some of the biggest companies in the country. The majority of our readers are individuals with large, dedicated budgets allocated to direct marketing across a growing range of media channels which include: addressed & unaddressed mail, television, telemarketing, online, newspaper inserts, co-op mail, flyers, digital radio, interactive kiosks, guided voicemail and more. It connects like-minded, multi-national business associates and provides benefits including global marketing news, top-level editorial coverage and commentary.


Nex Media is published by Sentient Publishing, which has been creating high-quality, targeted, business-to-business publications for over 19 years. Providing our clients with the most appropriate, targeted media solution, incorporating print and digital media technology. Our cutting-edge print and interactive electronic media solution offers an accountable, professional service that delivers sustainable return on investment for our clients. Our publication designs are chic and modern, incorporating current trends that are both visually appealing and impactful. Sentient Publishing also owns and manages a unique opt-in database. Simply put, this means your client wants to hear from us. Sentient Publishing is 100% black owned and managed and has BEE Level 1 certification.


Covers the role that print plays within the media environment. Cross media developments featuring print, video, e-mail and personalised applications for driving campaigns, Print Buying, Brand Building and Concept Development.

The printed medium in advertising can be extremely informative compared to other media types which offer limited engagement. The advertiser has the ability to completely explain the features and benefits of its product in a one-page magazine, newspaper ad or brochure.

Companies that want to market a more expensive product through print media can create a comprehensive sales kit, including upmarket leaflets, a sales letter, and a business card, all enclosed in a printed marketing folder.
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Getting your campaign in front of the right customer revolves around data and the business processes which are used to source that information and what is done with it afterwards. Budgets, legal aspects, storage, processing, handling, deletion and retention are all fundamental. Also what method of communication to use when addressing customers, single channel or multi-stream, digital, electronic, direct mail, print or verbal or a multi-channel all-encompassing approach, all of these factors play a role.

Your decisions influence your success. Choose wisely!


A look at the various forms of communications used by brands to increase their exposure to the general public. This is as much about the brands’ messages as it is about the media platforms themselves.

Whether television, digital or cinema, it’s all in the script.


Every form of brand awareness campaign from activations to direct marketing, from one-on-one to broadcast. Whether a press conference or a promotional event, from sporting sponsorships to elaborate functions, from promotional items to signage.

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