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How Apps Can Transform Your Office Printers into Workplace Assistants

Printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) are a staple of office life, almost as ubiquitous as personal computers and coffeemakers. But the MFPs most businesses rely on today hardly resemble the first early machines that were limited to copy, fax and print. Today’s MFPs have been radically reimagined to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) compete in the digital age. These new devices give SMBs the capability to streamline and improve workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs, all thanks to one of the world’s favourite abbreviations: the app.

Smart apps and next-generation printers simplify and streamline your work.
The transformation of the modern MFP has been driven in part by the pervasiveness of apps, and how dramatically they have changed – and improved – the way nearly all of us live and work. The addition of apps that live right on the device has had a similar impact, turning the common MFP from a trusted and relied on but relatively limited piece of office equipment into a true workplace assistant, capable of streamlining workflows, improving productivity, and even translating documents into other languages. A whole world of opportunity has opened up for SMBs, and the best part is that the interface on these new devices is as easy and familiar to use as the smartphones and tablets we all know so well.

For most users, the question is, ‘Which apps are right for my business? Which workplace assistant can make the most impact in our office?’ That’s why Xerox has assembled this quick guide that will walk you through how smart printer apps work, their breadth and capabilities, and how they work together with hardware to help your business work better.

Xerox Easy Translator App – Easily translate documents into 40+ languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese, and Hmong Daw from your MFP, phone or PC. Discover more apps for ConnectKey here.

From translation services to cloud storage and scanning apps, to unique apps customized just for your business, the potential for improving the way you work is virtually unlimited. Download the guide today to begin – or further – your journey on the path to digitization and a better, stronger, faster work environment for you and your team.
Click here to get the guide and get started.

Article by Allison Zimmer – Channel and SMB Marketing Specialist, Commercial Excellence at Xerox

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