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IMN expands Düsseldorf site

The Hamburg-based IMN International Mail Net GmbH (International Mail Logistics) has expanded its operational area at the Düsseldorf site to 1800sqm. By the end of 2016 IMN had shared the logistics centre with another tenant. ‘We are very pleased to be able to use the entire hall for our customers and to make the rapidly growing areas of return management and fulfillment more efficient,’ said Sven Schwope, Managing Director

At the Düsseldorf location, several hundred pallets are available. The IMN logistics centre is located in the Reisholz district of Düsseldorf and can be reached via the A 46 and A 59 in a very convenient way. ‘The expansion of the location in Düsseldorf takes account of the booming international e-commerce sector. E-tailers and web shops attach great importance to efficient and cost-optimized returns processing. We are now well placed with the larger area,’ said Schwope.

IMN offers your international e-commerce customers worldwide solutions for their package dispatch, as well as fulfilment and return management.

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