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Latest findings from IAB member sites show a growth in unique browsers

The latest IAB South Africa and Effective Measure results from September 2014 dashboard statistics indicate a notable increase in desktop and mobile profiles accessing member sites. In just two months, the findings show a 19.6 percent increase in Unique Browsers when compared to the July 2014 statistics.

‘These results are demonstrating the solid growth of digital as a rapidly growing medium in South Africa,’ said Ryan Harris, Head of Measurement for the IAB. ‘This is in line with similar trends in the emerging markets, and our collaboration with Effective Measure is aggregating significant data that provides the digital industry and advertisers with meaningful insights into the profiles and behaviours of South African internet and mobile users.’

The Effective Measure findings indicate that across both desktop and mobile, usage is accelerating rapidly in the local digital sector with the monthly Unique Browsers having exceeded the 68.3 million mark in September 2014. This is a good increase when compared to July 2014 statistic which was captured at 45.9 million.

Some of the key findings from the September 2014 report include:

The daily average Unique Browsers has increased to 4.4 million; this is a significant increase when compared to 3.4 million in July 2014.

31.2 percent of respondents are between the ages of 20 – 29 years.

87.4 percent of respondents use the internet to access emails.

25.2 percent of respondents live in Johannesburg.

Effective Measure’s software selects respondents from all IAB SA publishers’ websites, and gathers their demographic profiles, in order to accurately determine the usage of desktop and mobile profiles. There were 188 451 survey respondents for September 2014.

The IAB and Effective Measure will be releasing a full report in early November with detailed data that will give IAB members a more holistic view of their target audiences. This will enable them to tailor their campaigns far more effectively to optimise on consumer spend. The PwC Report on the South African entertainment and media industry indicates that internet revenue is estimated to hit R71.6bn in 2018, and will generate more consumer spend than any other media, enabling a highly profitable digital industry.

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