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New Botswana Z-CARD and PocketMedia distributor for ZAMI

Z-CARD Africa, India, Middle East and Turkey (ZAMI) has entered into a distributor agreement with Botswana-based Simple Creative, an original high-class advertising agency.

According to John Davis, the Managing Director of ZAMI, Botswana’s sophisticated market is ideal for the various marketing, advertising, communication and education PocketMedia applications available via ZAMI, ranging from the company’s Z-CARD, Star Fold and Unidentified Folding Object to its Pop-Up, dispensers, plastic loyalty or medical aid cards and even dye-cut covers.

‘Botswana offers ZAMI and PocketMedia the opportunity for growth in various sectors including telecommunications, tourism, banking and mine safety. Government sectors like health, education and safety and security are also solid markets,’ said Simple Creative’s Creative Director Taj Kenosi.

‘Traditional media such as TV, radio and print already exist in Botswana, but PocketMedia will fill the gap as an easily retainable form of print,’ Davis confirmed.

‘Simple Creative’s clients are typically young at heart, ambitious and prosperous. They follow their competition and attract attention and admiration, which is where PocketMedia fills the gap with its unique varieties,’ said Kenosi.

Simple Creative’s areas of expertise include advertising, campaign management, marketing, public relations consulting, internal and external communication strategy formulation and event management. It also facilitates corporate and product promotions and launches, including research and market strategy formulation.

‘We believe that PocketMedia has an important role to play in the marketing and communications requirements of Government, parastatals, NGOs and the commercial sector, and are proud to have been identified by ZAMI as the company to represent its products in Botswana. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association,’ said Kenosi.

‘ZAMI looks forward to a successful working partnership with Simple Creative and welcomes the company to our ever-growing African team,’ Davis concluded.

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