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Stratitude gets on the road to wellness

Full service communications agency Stratitude has secured the Phela Workforce Management Solutions account. Phela is an emerging force in the corporate wellness and employee assistance sphere, and is already making noteworthy inroads in this industry.  ‘We are very excited to team up with Phela, and we know that we can leverage our extensive marketing and employee engagement experience to deliver results-driven work and give them a head start in this competitive industry,’ said Stratitude managing director Sylvia Schutte. ‘Not only is our challenge to position and build the Phela brand, but also to implement campaigns to end-users who will be benefiting from Phela’s wellness solutions. This is right up our alley as we’ve been delivering on the same model to our other clients who specilise in loyalty and employee assistance programmes,’ elaborated Schutte.

Stratitude’s overall business and dynamic marketing model are the primary reasons it was selected by Phela. According to Marcia Eugenio, Phela’s CEO, ‘Stratitude shares our innovative and results-focused approach, which is why we feel that it is a perfect fit for our company, and we hope to have a long and beneficial partnership. The fact that it offers us a one-stop solution as well as its employee engagement experience clinched the deal.’

While Phela is a fairly new player to the industry, its strength is that it offers more than the standard products associated with employee wellness benefits. Phela provides businesses with a diverse solution through its prevention, wellness and employee assistance programmes. With Stratitude, Phela aims to be the provider of choice for companies seeking workforce insight and optimisation.

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