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Implementing data-driven marketing – The Seminars

Implementing data-driven marketing – The Seminars

If you have a database you need to attend these workshops. Learn how to get the best out of your information from a world-renowned expert, Pegg Nadler. She will be in South Africa for a few days only, so don’t miss out!

Pegg Nadler on the sessions: ‘Over the past few years, the transformation in the world of marketing – and especially direct marketing – has been massive. Direct and database marketers are challenged to stay abreast of the many changes that seem to be happening at a breathtaking speed. With the explosion of marketing channels and the growth of data, the impact on how companies plan and execute their business strategies remains significant.

Each of these one-day seminars will focus on the key trends that are now shaping the direct marketers’ world — from understanding consumers, deciphering media channels, collecting data, utilising database systems and establishing new benchmarks to measure performance.

In South Africa, the diversity of demographics poses unique marketing problems, particularly in the use of direct marketing as a means of communication. The absence of postal services to the outlying areas, the lack of access by the vast majority to the Internet, and the high costs of mobile communication in the country mean that the pool of prospects is largely confined to urban areas, with intensive competition from brands for market attention and retention.

Reliable, well-sourced and stored data is therefore of prime importance. And while many organisations are adept at data collection, the use of the data to drive successful marketing campaigns is a ‘science’ that still has to be developed to its full potential.

The programs will be highly interactive workshop sessions, in which ideas will be discussed, debated and discovered. Case studies will be presented in depth and breakout sessions will help uncover new best practices in the world of data-driven marketing. Attendees will walk away with an enhanced understanding of the new ways to work effectively in this fast-paced, ever-changing, data-enriched marketing environment. Whether you are in marketing, direct marketing, mobile, digital or database marketing, this course will be a ‘game changer’ for how your company will run business today and tomorrow.

On Wednesday, 6 August the workshop will be devoted to concerns facing directors and senior level executives. On Thursday, 7 August the day will be devoted to the needs of managers in direct and database marketing. Workbooks and handouts will be provided to all session attendees.’
For more information, and to book, contact Sandy at (082 433 6085) or Khanyisa on (0861 362 362).

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