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Nedbank’s “We’re for Africa” campaign celebrates innovation through AI

African excellence is taking its rightful spot on the global stage as the continent’s development and prosperity continue to accelerate. Nedbank’s “We’re for Africa” campaign celebrates this excellence and exemplifies it through its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The group is shaping communities through initiatives that support economic empowerment, environmental conservation and community development. The “We’re for Africa” campaign spotlights these initiatives and celebrates their progress in the context of Africa Month, using AI to tailor messages and creative assets to resonate with diverse audiences across the continent in countries where Nedbank has a presence, including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique and Eswatini.

‘A campaign that spans this many audiences is difficult to tailor to each unique voice and experience,’ says Courtney Chapple, Director of AI at The Brave Group, ‘AI was used at every stage of the campaign to ensure culture relevance, effectiveness and engagement across multiple platforms and we’re immensely proud of the results.’

According to Chapple, the campaign has transformed audience engagement and enabled a more personalised approach to messaging. Chapple also celebrates the speed and efficiency of the process, which took less than 19 days, including reverts and handovers. ‘This timeline is astonishing for the scale and intricacy of the campaign.’

Maude Korte, Executive Head of Nedbank Marketing Operations, says that the campaign is a celebration of Africa’s vibrant spirit and a reflection of the bank’s ongoing commitment to its growth and prosperity.

‘At Nedbank, we believe in the power of Africa and its people. Over the years we have been part of numerous initiatives that drive economic empowerment, environmental conservation and community development across the continent. From supporting small and medium enterprises in South Africa to conserving biodiversity in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, our efforts are tailored to make a real impact.’

This year the campaign took a bold step forward by incorporating advanced AI technologies to enhance strategy and design.

‘We are focused on ensuring our marketing team is fully equipped to harness the power of AI by investing in programs to enhance our team’s capabilities, ensuring we can move quickly and effectively in today’s fast-paced market environment,’ Korte says. ‘This initiative is part of our broader strategy to stay at the forefront of innovation and to deliver timely, relevant and impactful marketing campaigns.

‘We’re for Africa is not just a campaign; it is a pledge to the continent and about celebrating the progress we have made together while looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.’

Chapple concludes: ‘This process has shown us that AI cannot replace innovation, but it is essential to foster it to free up more time for creative thinking. I hope that as the technology evolves and its potential unfolds, we can keep up and discover new ways to deliver beautiful, relevant campaigns that truly speak to our audience.’

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