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Odoo announces the release of Odoo 9

Odoo is now releasing Odoo 9, the latest version of its all-in-one software. Alexandre Vandermeersch, CMO of Odoo, described, ‘Imagine the power of having integrated sales & marketing operations with the rest of your business. You can now run an integrated inventory in real time, whatever channel the sales are coming from. You can set up a Web shop in minutes as you have a central product catalogue, inventory, and a powerful e-commerce engine. You can manage your finances in real time as your accounting is accurate by the minute. You can be completely customer centric by finally having a 360° view of your customer’s actions, from their visits on your Website to your shop and click through on your e-mails, and scheduling personalised marketing actions on that basis, at the flick of a switch.’

Odoo, already boosting 2 million users, is moving quickly and aims to become the ‘All in 1’ solution of choice to power a business, from e-commerce to CRM, ERP, and accounting. Imagine a software that can simultaneously replace Magento (for e-commerce), Salesforce (for CRM), Xero (for Accounting), SAP (for ERP), and a myriad other software from Trello (Project Management) to Slack (for Employee collaboration), MailChimp (Email marketing), Survey Monkey (Surveys) and many others. While it may seem impossible, Odoo has quietly done it over the last 10 years, powered by its R&D staff and an open source community of 2000 developers.

For Fabien Pinckaers, CEO & founder of Odoo, ‘ERP packages blossomed in the nineties to replace a set of custom-built software. Now we see that companies are willing to move away from a set of disparate application packages covering various parts of their business. Just like running your operations with multiple software was tedious in the nineties, having multiple packages to run your sales channels, your marketing and your operations is now a major blocking point. We have the right solution to address that issue.’

Building such a software power house was not easy, but all enabled by two factors. First, a powerful open source community of over 2,000 developers has been actively contributing to more than 4000 modules around the core of Odoo. Second, the development framework of Odoo is a key strength. Antony Lesuisse, CTO, ‘While many applications require days or weeks to do a simple app, with the Odoo framework you can create a simple application in 15 minutes. The transversal approach to many Odoo modules means that many developments are immediately usable across all the applications. For instance, this new ’15 minutes’ application will enable online editing & discussions, workflow and even business intelligence reports to be ran on it, without a single extra line of code.’

With Odoo 9, Odoo is now more complete than ever, with revised accounting software making it easy for SME to run accounting by themselves, a subscription app, a digital signature solution, a Point of Sale tailored for restaurants, and plenty of other improvements to make it even more flexible than ever.For the first time, Odoo will be released in two editions: an Enterprise edition & a Community edition. The Enterprise edition will only be available through partners for companies subscribing to its ‘Odoo Enterprise edition’. The Community edition will be released under an open source license (LGPL). But most SMEs choose the Odoo Online edition, available on

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