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Vega issues call for students to find their purpose during times of uncertainty

Vega School, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), has launched a new ad campaign, aimed at 2017 students. The campaign calls for students to shape their future and to actively consider what role they can play in South African society, in a time governed by change.

The campaign came at year-end, when potential students are considering their choices for the upcoming year, and aims to show them how Vega can help them ‘Find Their Purpose’ and create true value in society and, in turn, people’s lives.

At the core of the campaign is a video featuring real Vega students honouring the mindset of ‘Generation V’ (the current generation of Vega students, alumni, employees and stakeholders) and which = taps into the internal ‘Generation V’ positioning developed by Vega.

Speaking about the campaign Shevon Lurie, Managing Director at Vega said, ‘By branding it Generation V and articulating its identity, Vega has strongly positioned itself as the only design, brand and business school that truly understands the elusive spirit of this generation. By coining the term Generation V, we have furthermore created a powerful hook upon which to hang the whole complex set of values, attitudes, beliefs and behavioural patterns that define this generation.

‘Generation V is a mindset that combines the unique personality of Vega with the traits of the youth that characterise ideal Vega students. Vega believes that brands can have true meaning and add value to how people live their lives. We believe an organisation stands responsible for every decision and action it takes. We believe in creativity and its power to impact what people think and feel. We are committed to graduating individuals that meet challenges with original solutions,’ added Lurie.
The campaign, which will run online and on social media, shows a number of students talking about finding their purpose, through finding a career and passion that suits them, finding a place in the world, and playing a part in bettering it. In the video, they talk about shaping their future, finding new solutions to old problems and building a better tomorrow through 2020’s most sought-after skills – complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. These skills are among the most valued taught within Vega’s walls.

Carla Enslin, Co-founder of Vega explained, ‘Vega believes that the only meaningful social, cultural and economic exchange is that which adds value to the lives of all people. The campaign (showcasing real Vega students) aims to inspire our youth and communicate how finding purpose, paired with creativity, passion, and the power of ideas, can truly reshape South Africa’s future.’

‘We are experiencing a time of real change and uncertainty, but the new generation believes that they can take a stand and fight the good fight. The role that we can play in society is so much more than it was in the times of boomers and early millennials. An idea has never been as powerful as it is today, and we believe that the students of tomorrow really do have the power to change the world,’ concluded Lurie.

The campaign rolled out over digital and social media for the months of December and January, and can be seen at:

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