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Aon South Africa launches new brand campaign

The risks faced by businesses of all sizes and sectors, as well as individuals are more complex and integrated than ever. It’s not just about the risk of property, assets, casualty or liability that most of us are familiar with, but risks that touch every facet of a business and its entire micro and macro environment. What about currency risk? What about supply chain risk? What about skills shortages, healthcare and retirement? What about political risk, cyber risk and business interruption? For individuals, risk has evolved beyond the traditional loss or theft of home, motor and other assets, to devastating weather catastrophes, cyber risk, riots, personal liability and organised crime.

It’s against this backdrop that Aon South Africa has launched its new brand campaign ‘An Aon Expert Broker By Your Side’ – that talks to the value of and peace of mind that comes with having an Aon expert broker by your side. ‘The reality is that the aggregate level of risk in the world today is increasing. We still have all the traditional risks, but what about all the non-traditional risks such as global warming, pandemic, identity theft, terrorism and reputation? Not only is the level of risk going up, but the complexity of risk is going up. It’s the rally call of why our clients, more than ever, have an Aon expert by their side,’ explained Terence Williams, CEO of Aon South Africa.

‘We understand that our clients want an expert by their side that responds to a broader definition of risk?across their business, operating performance, balance sheet strength, across retirement and healthcare right through to professional liability and personal risks. At Aon, we do this in a manner that gives clients full transparency, full choice and the comfort that they are getting a set of solutions backed with professional advice that responds to their needs in a rapidly evolving risk landscape. The power of Aon and expert advice really comes to life when we take our global capability, and experts from across all geographies to deliver it locally to our clients all around the world,’ he added.

‘The “By your side” message talks to the fact that Aon is not about insurance products and policies – we’re about risk leadership and risk understanding and being our client’s navigator and trusted advisor. Our clients have the power of Aon United at their side – a group of colleagues, some of the greatest minds and experts in the industry, banded together around the world, with unique skills and capabilities to help their businesses succeed, and their families thrive, recover from adversity and grow. That’s Aon, by your side,’ concluded Terence.

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