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Heineken launches innovative first-to-beer sleek can

Sleek. Innovative. Unique. Just a few of the words being used to describe the newly revealed Heineken 330ml Cool Can. Heineken is the first beer brand in South Africa to be available in a 330ml sleek can and is the first market in the world to launch a sleek can with this design. ‘Heineken prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and design by always taking things to the next level. Our new sleek Cool Can is slimmer, more stylish and premium, allowing it to stand out visually, both on the shelves and in the hands of our consumer,’ said Tjeerd Veldhuis, marketing manager, Heineken South Africa.

The Heineken Cool Can has cold indication around both the iconic red star and on the thermometer on the side of the can that allows consumers to see whether their beer is being served at the optimal temperature. ‘Heineken has had cold indicators on its 5 litre draught kegs since 2009, sold in many markets globally. Heineken is now bringing this technology to its new sleek cans,’ explained Veldhuis.

Heineken. Open Your World.

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