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Nex Contacts – The source of your information

As a marketing or media executive you are responsible for the exposure your brand achieves, whether for your own brand or that of your client, but the buck stops with you. The problem is that there are so many things you need to think of and keep on top of that it is impossible to do it all yourself. You need a complete list of potential suppliers.

Your biggest problem is trying to find qualified companies to assist you with all things which fall under your portfolio. You can waste a lot of time doing research on the internet and making fruitless phone calls to companies which are unable to assist you. If only there was a way to find all the right companies in one place and have them easily accessible.

A new product from Sentient Publishing is Nex Contacts a directory of suppliers to the media and marketing industries aimed at providing you with an easy-to-use and convenient source of all the relevant information you may need to successfully meet all your specific requirements.

Nex Contacts is aligned to Nex Media, the established media and marketing magazine with a readership of more than 56000, creating a complete package. The magazine provides information on trends, developments and news within the marketing and media industries while the directory offers a simple and effective means of connecting with suppliers to these industries.

Available as a printed directory and as an online interactive listing, the Nex Contacts platforms offer a comprehensive spread of more than 200 categories of services and products from a broad range of market sectors. While the printed directory offers an easy-to-use, cross-referenced listing, the online directory provides users with a simple search function designed to facilitate finding the chosen suppliers for a specific service or product, as well as a single point of contact. Directly from the website listing, users can send a single e-mail to all the suppliers listed under that search. That will then give those suppliers the opportunity to contact you.

The search process is based on the type of product or service required rather than on the name of the supplier. Most directories use company name – but if you don’t know the names, how can you know if they offer the required services. By using product or service name the search process is simplified.

For those companies listed on the website, the number of views of their listing is easily quantified allowing them to measure the success of their listing. In addition, the number of ‘requests for contact’ can also be measured and viewed by you using an access-protected login to the back end of the webite.

Said Vikesh Roopchand, publisher of Nex Media and Nex Contacts, ‘This particular directory has undergone extensive research and development in order to ensure that it offers the right level of functionality. We have worked to ensure that it is a comprehensive listing of the services and products which marketing and media executives require. We have based it on the other successful directories which we produce, The SA Print Directory and The GAPP Contacts. These directories have achieved millions of online views each for the respective listed companies. We have emulated the simple operations from these websites for Nex Contacts to make it easy for visitors to find the specific services or products they are looking for.’

If you are searching for suppliers of products or services for anything from above and below the line to data analytics, e-commerce, reward fulfilment, film and video production, contact management, sets and staging to call centre analytics, Nex Contacts should be your first and only port of call. Visit and open doors to a plethora of new possibilities.

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