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Nex Media Magazine Wins Prestigious Assegai Award

Less than two years after Nex Media magazine was launched, the publication has won the prestigious Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards 2014 ‘Brand of the Year’ for the contribution it has made to the Direct Marketing industry and for the impact its presence has had on the industry.

Nex Media, published by Sentient Publishing, is currently the only dedicated publication serving the Direct Marketing industry. The magazine addresses all aspects of the industry with a clear focus on helping the players in the industry to see the benefits and return on investment associated with an integrated approach to marketing.

The category description explains the Brand of the Year criteria as follows: One Brand of the Year award is given to a brand (name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers) that has made a significant contribution to the Direct Marketing industry during the Awards Year.

Commenting on the award, Vikesh Roopchand, CEO of Sentient Publishing and Publisher of Nex Media said, ‘Launching Nex Media has not been an easy process, but it has been very rewarding. There was no magazine serving the Direct Marketing industry and we felt there was a real need for a publication to act as a mouthpiece and as a unifying force within the industry. Our first accolade was being endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association in our first year of publication and now we have won this award.

‘This particular category is usually dominated by large brands who have the widespread coverage to be able to achieve extensive market penetration. It is indeed gratifying that an entrepreneurial organisation like ours with a relatively new product such as Nex Media, in a niche market has been able to achieve such an outstanding accolade.’

Nex Media is a quarterly publication. It has a national distribution of 4100 printed copies and an additional 4000 recipients of the electronic version of the magazine. In addition, the magazine appears on the Nex Media website. For more information or to see the online version, visit

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