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Ricoh focuses on relevant document and information integration with 15 new produ

Ricoh focuses on relevant document and information integration with 15 new products

Ricoh has released a range of new and updated multifunction, production, industrial, projection, and wide format equipment alongside controller, variable data printing (VDP), document workflow and process efficiency software.

The revamped product range is designed to support the future office, enterprises and graphic arts businesses in commercial print environments.

“The new lineup that we are demonstrating is based on extensive research and development (R&D) that Ricoh Global has conducted to help our broad range of clients meet the future needs of their customers. Their world’s are dominated by rising interaction between people and organisations through connected technologies,” says Richard Pinker, MD of Ricoh SA. “The immediacy with which people expect business to occur is at the core of our new lineup, be that in the office, on the road, or in the production room producing a range of materials, that support their new methods of working, underscored by the desire for a more rapid flow of relevant information.”

At the heart of the new offering is DocuWare that integrates document management across systems and devices while simultaneously incorporating control procedures for audits and compliance. It processes any type of document, classifies them, indexes them and makes them available for onward processing.

“Organisations gain complete control over their information systems with DocuWare coupled to ERP, BI, CRM, e-mail and other document systems as well as robust functionality embedded in devices across the network,” says Pinker. “Organisations will derive revenue benefits before cost reductions by improving document processes such as sales and marketing, customer communications, customer on-boarding, service and support, developing new products, and billing and collection. IDC reported in a study sponsored by Ricoh that the number could be as high as 10% to the top line.

“Improved document processes can enhance the overall experience of a customer’s interaction with an organisation. Efficient processes, which allow for greater focus on the customer’s needs, can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, which is critical for retention and revenue growth. On the other hand, customers may flee to competitors if confronted by inefficient and ineffective customer-facing document processes,” says Pinker.

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