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Annemieke Hartman board member new company OneCircle

OneCircle is delighted to announce the appointment of Annemieke Hartman – Jemmett as a new board member of OneCircle. Annemieke is particularly well suited for the role due to her extensive diverse business experience and specifically her experience in the plastic packaging industry; growing the PET kegs segment with international and national brands.

During our search we were looking for a person with an intuitive PET packaging world connection, deep commercial understanding, excellent communicator and networker, an appetite for innovation and the ability for delivering planned growth through creating sound partnerships. With her remorseless energy and ambition, Annemieke possesses all these elements and more which makes her the ideal candidate to bring OneCircle to life; an initiative of Lightweight Containers.

Due to the upcoming demand on environmental friendly products, Lightweight Containers identified the OneCircle initiative. OneCircle’s goal is to collect used KeyKegs, other one-way kegs and other plastic litter in general and separate them in a way that the materials can be used for the same high end applications.

For a period of just under five years, Annemieke has been the Group Commercial Director for Petainer. Annemieke has been involved in similar roles for the following companies: Philip Morris International, Norton Motorcycles and Pitney Bowes Management Services to name but a few.

Annemieke said, ‘I am thrilled to be starting at OneCircle, a forward thinking initiative focused on creating partnerships with accountable stakeholders in the supply chain. We look forward to deliver credible sustainable solutions working in close partnership with brand owners, suppliers and others. Securing the long term future of consumer packaging needs, whilst being accountable to the world in which we live.’

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