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The Color Run SA commercialised by Brand inc’s new sponsorship division

Launching its new sponsorship division with a bang, the Brand inc Creative Group has made the ‘happiest 5k on the planet’ even happier with the commercialisation and sponsor activation of The Color Run SA. The agency’s new turnkey sponsorship services has enabled backing from three major corporates to come on board: Capitec Bank as the headline sponsor, and Nashua LTD and Medihelp Medical Aid as the second tier sponsors. The sponsors are now aligned with the biggest mass participation sporting platform on the planet.

The highly successful Color Run is part of a global series that started in the US in 2012. Last year more than 500 events with over four million participants were hosted in 50 countries worldwide. The local chapter has twelve events, allowing sponsors an exclusive platform in multiple cities with over 100 000 fans interacting with their brands in unique activities at the events.Brand inc engaged with the owner of Sportsvendo and rights holder to the South African franchise, Leon Swanepoel, who had established the property as a new and exciting fun sporting event for every shape and size in SA. The local event was previously managed without any sponsorship or commercial strategies in place.

‘We teamed up and demonstrated valuable commercialisation and sponsor activation strategies,’ said Brand inc MD Chris Heaton. ‘It wasn’t about just about selling the commercial rights to the potential sponsors but rather showing the Brand inc approach of how they could activate their sponsorships successfully to show return on their investments through engaging with a diverse crowd of participants at the series events,’ he said.

On the day, fans have a blast getting covered in all the colours of the rainbow and can also interact directly with the brands, whether its snapping a photo of themselves on the Nashua Blue Couch and becoming part of their advertising campaign, or being part of the Medihelp ‘fun, fit and healthy’ Color Station activity that they get to share with friends on Facebook, the participants are getting a stimulating event experience. The series has also allowed the sponsors to get their outlets, franchises and offices to tap into each event in their areas to host their staff and clients in a fun and friendly environment that the whole family can partake in.

Capitec Bank chose to sponsor The Color Run due to its regional community-based approach and social upliftment drive. All the sponsors endorse the events ethos of health, happiness, individuality, giving back, living life in technicolour and having fun, while caring about the community. Ultimately, The Color Run is a meaningful, fun event that will reap many rewards for its sponsors.

‘We are already seeing a superb return for Capitec, Nashua and Medihelp with new business leads being generated and deals being closed,’ continued Heaton. ‘The Color Run is an amazing global series, with endless potential for participants and sponsors alike. Brand inc is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to work on a fresh property in a new sporting space from our usual portfolio, diving straight into the commercialisation space for the first time, and leveraging sponsorships for new clients.

‘This has also demonstrated our business approach of using one of our three pillars to acquire business for the other two. The Color Run allowed us to use the sponsorship approach to be exposed to and given the opportunities to acquire the Medihelp brand and advertising account. There is a lot more to come from us, so watch this space!’ Heaton concluded.

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