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The Key to Successful Online Growth

One of the biggest challenges one will face when developing your brand online is breaking through all the clutter. Consumers are bombarded with information, specials, adverts, and articles of interest, newsletters and news and often they feel totally overwhelmed by the information overload. 
It is a catch-22 situation because you cannot simply choose to not be present at all to avoid becoming clutter but you also can’t just ‘do it’ because every-one else is doing it. You have to rethink your strategy and do it differently and more creatively so that you are noticed through the clutter.
The most successful steps you can take to achieve this include:
1.Keep it Social – but only if you are invited to the Party.
Businesses tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to developing a social campaign because’they must’ in order to keep up with the Jones’. Before doing that you need to consider if your situation is the same as the Jones’. Does your brand warrant a social presence? Will people interact with you on your social platforms? If not, then don’t do it. Even if it is done correctly a social campaign can be extremely time-consuming and costly, so, if it is not going to add to your business growth, rather use those resources in areas that will. 
2.Advertising still pays – just do it right.
Advertising is still the strongest way to build your brand, and there are so many options out there so, choose the platforms that your market will have access to and that will suit your budget. Let’s face it, not every-one has the means to advertise their name in lights on highway billboards but most do have the means to develop Google Ads or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ads. Due to the targeted approach to these ads, their success rate can often be higher than traditional forms of advertising AND of course, they are measurable – every marketers dream. 
3.Go Direct – but be quick.
If you have a database of consumers that have expressed interest in your brand, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Create monthly or quarterly e-newsletters or e-mailers and send them to your base – but whatever you do; keep it short and simple so that you don’t lose your audience.
4.Create a visual effect
Due to the ‘not-enough-hours-in-a-day’ lifestyle that today’s age brings, consumers look for short cuts. Make it easy for them – put it in video format (remembering to keep it short and simple) and post it onto your website, social platforms and YouTube. 
5.Have you crossed all your P’s
Even if you never studied marketing you have in all likelihood heard of the FOUR P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Is your product/service relevant and needed/wanted? Have your priced yourself correctly to attract purchases whilst still running at a profit? What are you doing to promote your product to generate sales? Are you selling your product in the right place? 
Three more P’s have been added to this mix – Packaging, Positioning and People. Naturally how the product or service is ‘wrapped’ is crucial because consumers judge on looks. If you are a service provider ensure that the platforms you are present on are well packaged giving your brand a professional image. Being online makes you more visible to larger audiences, thereby putting you under more scrutiny than before. Make sure your best side is always showing. 
Positioning revolves around how people view you and talk about you when you are not around. Always review this and determine how you can improve on this. If you have ticked the above six P’s you are probably comfortable that you have a good strategy in place but without the right PEOPLE working on your brand, you would just be wasting your time. Make sure every person that represents your brand has the necessary skills to manage your brand online, the correct motivational fit and will add to its success, this includes third party operators.
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