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Flock Online Event Management App Debuts In 25th Country

Flock, the customisable, flexible and cost-effective online event management app, has debuted in its 25th country to-date – Nigeria – just weeks after adding country number 24 – Mauritius – to its global footprint.

Assisting Flock achieve this milestone was Pottershand Activations and Oracle, a company which has partnered with Flock on the international stage for three years now.
For Oracle Partner Day West Africa, held in Lagos during the first week of November, Flock provided online access for the more than 500 visitors, speakers and exhibitors to a broad range of services and information.

This included online registration, the exhibition catalogue, maps of the venue detailing exhibitor locations as well as restroom and refreshment stations, the full speaker programme including CVs, and access to a full list of visitors plus instant messaging for networking purposes.
It also added a ‘gaming’ element to meet Oracle’s requirement for higher levels of engagement between exhibitors and visitors.

This took the form of a digital ‘Scratch & Win’ app which encouraged visitors to lodge their names and contact details with exhibitors in return for being given the opportunity to win various – mostly tech – prizes.

‘Oracle Partner Days are the foundation to building a better future between Oracle and its valued partners in its markets worldwide, in this case West Africa. Key to achieving this is communication and engagement,’ said Flock CEO and founder, Mike Lysko.

‘A conducive environment was easily created with the Flock app providing a seamless, real-time flow of useful information that minimised the logistical considerations visitors and exhibitors needed to contend with on the day.

‘The gaming element upped the ante, giving visitors a reason to engage with exhibitors right from the get-go. It successfully changed the usual behaviour of exhibitors at similar events, which is to spend the first hour or so taking stock of which exhibitors are where before deciding which stands to visit.’

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