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Penquin and Spitfire Inbound trump at New Generation Awards

Spitfire Inbound, Penquin and their clients have received a Gold and four Silver accolades at this year’s 2018 New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards.

Founded in 2012, the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards are the largest celebrated digital media awards in the country. The awards celebrate ingenuity, with a specific focus on results and insight-based success, which makes the awards unique among those largely dominated by equal parts emotion and ideation.

The awards won include:
-Suzuki SA/Penquin/Spitfire Inbound for Best marketing automation campaign (Gold)
-Initial South Africa/Spitfire Inbound – Best marketing automation campaign (Silver)
-Suzuki SA/Spitfire Inbound – Best marketing revenue campaign (Silver)
-Penquin/Spitfire Inbound – Best integrated marketing campaign (Silver)
-Penquin – Blogging excellence (Silver)

‘As a fully integrated communications agency, we’re insistent on utilising the right strategy with the right mediums to meet our client’s objectives. Penquin partners with clients where the agency can show real tangible results. We don’t enter awards lightly, but we specifically entered these because our approach with our clients is a very collaborative one based on authentic results, as these awards are. The New Generation Awards are not subjective but rather based on very measurable factors which is why we place such a large importance on them,’ said Penquin Managing Director Veronica Wainstein.

‘It’s an absolute honour to have won amongst esteemed agencies like Joe Public and Flow Communications and to have our clients Suzuki and Initial in the spotlight with brands like Surf, Steers, Vodacom and Shield.’

Sister agency Spitfire Inbound is an innovative digital inbound marketing agency headed by Managing Director Darren Leishman. ‘We’re so pleased to have won five New Generation Awards, which follows the two Golds we received last year,’ he said. ‘Our approach with all clients is to agree upfront on measurable objectives and benchmarks and in doing so our client’s successes become our successes.’

‘Winning New Generation awards that are judged on innovation, creativity, strategy, content, results and sales affirms that our unique approach and client relationships that have been built on a solid foundation over the years, is certainly on the right track,’ said Veronica. ‘We’re looking forward to breaking more boundaries in 2019.’

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