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New appointment to the GfK team

One of the world’s largest research companies, GfK, has welcomed Account Director Matthew Glogauer to its South African team as it continues to discover new insights into the way people live, think, and shop.

Matthew has more than a decade of experience in marketing, having worked for companies such as Research Surveys, GlaxoSmithKline, Tiger Brands, and KLA. Based on this, he is well positioned to offer marketing solutions across a variety of industries and territories, and he has insight into both supplier and client perspectives. With a love for strategy and experience in a diverse range of marketing roles, the father-of-two has quite literally done it all when it comes to market research.

As an Account Director at GfK, Matthew will be growing and developing accounts across financial services and telecommunications. He said, ‘GfK’s roots lie in academic research so it has an inbred, cultural drive to do things in the best way possible. While profit is important, it is best practices that drive the company.’

He added that as the fourth largest research company in the world, GfK is poised for growth. What’s more, the industry has an exciting future ahead as online and mobile technology grow in relevance and quality increases in line with customer demands.

A family-man who enjoys music, literature, and television, Matthew’s passions are communications, strategy and managing expectations in order to ensure one is positioned for success. Most importantly, however, he said it is about being brave and bold and going beyond the traditional.

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