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Nex Media wins the coveted ‘Brand of the Year’ Award

The aim of marketing is to advertise or promote one’s product or brand with the objective of increasing its profile and elevating its position in the mind of its customers while achieving acceptable rates of return on investment. As a magazine serving the marketing industry, Nex Media has a responsibility to not only give voice to the advice of marketing industry experts, but also put that advice to good use and to the test.

Nex Media is published by Sentient Publishing, a company which has been in existence for 15 years and which produces leading publications in its chosen sectors, including The GAPP Magazine serving the printing and packaging industry, and The SA Print Directory which gives the marketing industry access to leading printers around the country via its interactive website directory.

Nex Media magazine was launched in January 2013 with the aim of giving the Direct Marketing industry a mouthpiece. The aim was to bring information and advice to the industry and at the same time generate discussion and co-operation for the betterment of the industry. Since then it has become obvious that to look at direct marketing as a separate entity to other forms of marketing was not really possible and Nex Media has developed into a full spectrum marketing publication addressing all sectors of the market.

Taking to heart the lessons in marketing which have been developed by numerous industry gurus, Nex Media aimed to put as many of these into practise as possible by ensuring that the brand achieved maximum market penetration and recognition. One means of doing this was to ensure that the content in the magazine was unique, informative and of a high standard. People who are well-known within the industry have been approached to write articles and opinion pieces which contribute to the diversity of the content and which lend credibility to a relatively young publication. The magazine as a brand has also exhibited at local shows to bring its existence to the fore.

The culmination of all these efforts have resulted in Nex Media being recognised at the recent Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards as ‘The Brand of the Year’ for 2014 for the contribution it has made to the Direct Marketing industry and the impact its presence has had on marketing as a whole.

The category description explains the Brand of the Year criteria as follows: One Brand of the Year award is given to a brand (name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers) that has made a significant contribution to the Direct Marketing industry during the Awards Year.

Commenting on the award, Vikesh Roopchand, CEO of Sentient Publishing and Publisher of Nex Media said, ‘Launching Nex Media has not been an easy process, but it has been very rewarding. There was no magazine serving the Direct Marketing industry and we felt there was a real need for a publication to act as the mouthpiece and as a unifying force within the industry. Our first accolade was being endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association in our first year of publication and now we have won this award.’

He added, ‘This particular category is usually dominated by large brands who have the widespread coverage to be able to achieve extensive market penetration. It is indeed gratifying that an entrepreneurial organisation like ours with a relatively new product such as Nex Media, in a niche market has been able to achieve such an outstanding accolade.’

Nex Media makes use of a full spectrum of channels to achieve market penetration. Apart from the 4300 printed magazine which are distributed via the postal system, the magazine is also available in an electronic version on the Nex Media website. In addition, a monthly electronic newsletter is sent out to an additional 4000 recipients. The magazine can be viewed via either the website or via the newsletter.

Roopchand concluded, ‘This multi-channel approach to distributing the magazine means that it is read by as many people as possible, all of whom are active in the marketing industry. It truly is an integrated marketing campaign and makes use of all the elements we talk about and address in the magazine. We are honoured to receive this award.’

To see back issues of Nex Media visit the website or send a mail to to be added to the mailing list for the electronic newsletter or to receive a printed copy of the magazine.

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