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Nex Media website – Completely revamped

Information is often considered the most powerful asset anyone can own. However, in modern society information is only valuable if it is current, relevant, accessible. This is not due to a lack of information but rather due to an excess. People are overloaded with information, so only the most pertinent information is accessed. The demand for instant means that people want answers now and they want it in the most simple format possible.

To achieve this Nex Media website has been completely revamped to make the information more accessible. Part of this comes down to the layout of the website. It has been made more user-friendly with more of the information situated on the home page. This comes down to communication, how do we present the information to the reader?

In the words of Sydney J Harris, an American journalist who wrote for the Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Sun-Times, ‘The two words “information” and “communication” are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.’

People need to know what Nex Media is but more importantly, they need to have access to the information which Nex Media presents regarding the industry it serves. The new website design aims to provide a complete overview of not only what Nex Media is, but also presents the latest news. Directly from the Home Page you can view the various videos which have been loaded under Nex Media Digital TV, or see the initiatives being undertaken in the industry as part of the various Social Responsibility Projects under the auspices of Nex Media Village.

The website still features all the archive copies of the magazine as well as giving direct access to Nex Media Contacts directory, the directory of suppliers to the media, marketing and advertising industry. It is also possible to directly access The GAPP Awards website for the submission of entries.

Nex Media website is now the ideal portal for everything media, marketing and advertising related. Visit the new site now at

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