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Benefits of Using Consolidated Event Resources

When it comes to not only planning, but setting up and paying for corporate events, parties, team building and fun days, hiring a reputable and reliable turnkey event service to take care of all the details and delivering against the brief, creative guide and budget, is an absolute necessity.

Outsourcing your eventing responsibilities to a credible event supplier will guarantee the most important element of your professionalism, and ensure that you deliver a top-notch, memorable occasion that will sing your praises long after the last balloon goes down.

Today, many corporations and associations are planning meetings, tradeshows, conferences and corporate events – if you find yourself responsible for any of these, my advice is to not try and do it alone – enlist the appropriate help. You wouldn’t service your own car would you? Exactly, so why do the same for an event where your most valued stakeholders will experience a taste of your abilities?

We have seen many a significant event fall flat through clients simply not having enough experience or time on hand to know what needs to be taken care of to deliver a top-notch corporate affair. Let professionals bring to life your vision of a WOW event.

Major benefits of hiring a consolidated event service for events:

Eliminate the Stress Factor
As you know, planning an event does not happen overnight. It takes time, experience, quick decision-making and creativity. Given the heightened demand on executive’s time in the business world today, it is definitely recommended to hire professionals to tend to all the relevant contract negotiations, site selections, logistics, well as décor, catering and entertainment – calling on top contacts to organise the best services in less time. This will allow you to focus your precious time on tactical aspects of your event, such as exhibitors, strategic attendees, event PR and sponsors.

Get More Bang for your Buck
Reputable event companies have established relationships with other companies, hotels, audio/visual services and technological companies, with leading suppliers offering everything in-house, under one roof. At Unlimited Events Group for example, our companies span every aspect of eventing, weaving together at events to create seamless, hassle-free and unified delivery.

After 17 successful years in business, Unlimited Events Group expanded to today being one of South Africa’s leading service providers to the events industry. Housing specialist event supply businesses including Unlimited Events Décor, Unlimited Hire, Unlimited Events Entertainment, Unlimited Balloons, Dipsy Dots Kids Parties, Unlimited Photos, Treats & Eats, Unlimited Events Productions and Stretch Tents. Together we provide seamless integration of event décor design and hire, entertainment/teambuilding, sound and lighting, photography, balloons and kids party solutions, ranging from 10 to 10 000 guests.

Deal with Less People
Hiring a one-stop event company has one significant big advantage – you avoid dealing with a host of different companies, services, quotes and eliminate having to repeat your vision, objectives and budget to multiple people in the lead up to your event. Explaining your situation and needs to different contractors is highly frustrating, in addition, event objectives often get fragmented over a number of different suppliers. Dealing with one event partner ensures that quality levels are consistent across each aspect of your event.

Creativity on Tap
A successful event partner will no doubt have been involved in a host of events for top local clients and will have the skills and creativity in its artillary to deliver the WOW factor. Leading event supply companies are also up to speed with the latest trends in event décor, furniture, technology and guest engagement. This experience and a quick look at the awards in its trophy cabinet will ensure that your guests receive fresh creativity, service delivery and a new perspective.

Skilled Teams On Hand
What would your next steps be if your board of directors briefed you to host a gala dinner for international visitors or if your CEO added an annual awards ceremony to your portfolio? Leading event suppliers employ the right people with the appropriate skills – at the drop of a hat they can tell you which teams would most suitable for your event, what teams are available and the various rates and have a swat teams on site to work their magic. In addition, a huge plus for Unlimited Events Group is that each of our companies is owner run – ensuring guaranteed service delivery, attention to details and service. Short notice demands can be really stressful as we all know, hence outsourcing them not only solves the immediate problem, but makes life easier for you too.

Ultimately, an event supplier’s success and reputation is based on the satisfaction of its clients. When doing your research for a suitable eventing partner, customer feedback and praise is a sure fire way to zone-in on whether the company delivers, effectively manages budget, meets objectives and importantly, has long-standing client relatinships

Make your Event Dream into Reality
Professional event supply companies are brilliant at taking your event vision and making it a reality (Or in our case, strive to exceed expectations). They use their experience and connections to pull the event together, while keeping the budget and objectives in mind. They are skilled at taking the vision in your head, applying their skills, stock and creativity to best manifest them, bringing to life your dream event.

For me, the most important benefit of hiring a leading event supplier is the passion that they bring to your event. Eventing is most certainly what myself and my entire team (many of whom what been with the company for more than a decade), live and breathe for. I firmly believe that the passion we have brought to the market has translated into to our success. We are not in it to simply make a quick buck or to oversell, we do everything with passion, for the benefit of the client and the guests.

Increased Guest Satisfaction
With your event being in the hands of the experts, you are assured that not only you as the customer, but that your guests experience high satisfaction levels. Your event partner should leave no stone unturned in offering high levels of expertise, creativity and guidance to enstil confidence in their ability. Consistency in quality, service and customer satisfaction is the number one reason I believe why Unlimited Events Group has repeat business year on year.

Post-Event Summary
A post-event review is highly important to determine the success of the event and the work completed by the team involved. Your event partner should offer post-event round up, noting what worked, what could be improved and lessons learnt for future partnerships.

Risk Management
An event is full of uncertainties, expecially in South Africa. Anything from power failures, a medical emergency, a stampede, fire or protest. To ensure that the risk doesn’t fall directly on you – a leading event partner steps in with its expertise. Clearance certificates are in place, fire hazards are avoided and emergency signage and exits remain in full view – just some of the risks you can mitigate if you have the right event partner.

Planning an event doesn’t have to be stressful. Commissioning a credible event supply company that has all offerings consolidated under one roof lessens stress, leaving you to do your job while making your event vision a reality.

Whatever events you have planned – working with an event partner who offers a turnkey services with a good track record will help to maximise your budget and ensure a smooth running, successful and memorable event spoken about for years to come.

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