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Firstwatch supports entrepreneurial growth

Firstwatch Imported Whisky rewards individuals who exude pride, consistency and dedication. Recognising the value that entrepreneurs and small business owners bring to both the South African economy and their immediate communities, Firstwatch has announced its first ever entrepreneurial challenge – the ‘Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge’. Firstwatch is looking for an individual with entrepreneurial spirit, someone with drive and ambition, an inspiration to others! Someone who finds the solution before anyone else knows there’s a problem. Someone who stands tall. Someone who will reach beyond the stars to cling to their dreams.

The Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge
Do you have an existing business, or perhaps a business idea that you are committed to developing and growing? If so, you will need to complete an online application form, telling the selection panel exactly why you feel you deserve a place amongst the top 100 people who will be joining the Firstwatch team on an intensely rewarding two-day entrepreneurial Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge in April this year. The Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge itself will serve as a platform to move these business ideas and concepts to the next stage of growth for the lucky 100. The programme is chock-full with robust, hands-on experiential learning with some of this country’s the leading business experts.

At the culmination of the programme, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to pitch their business or business idea to a panel of judges – where the top 10 will be selected. All entrepreneurs will be invited to attend the closing ceremony on the 19th May, where the top 10 will pitch to the entire audience and a final panel of celebrity judges and successful entrepreneurs. ‘I have a huge passion for young businesses, I find entrepreneurs very interesting and mostly brave individuals who believe in an idea and are resilient enough to see it through. I love businesses / ideas that can affect change in communities for the betterment of our society at large,’ said Tilldan Bungani – Brand Manager of Firstwatch Whisky.

The overall winner will walk away with R50 000 support for their existing or start-up business. The benefits of this challenge include upskilling entrepreneurs in terms of both business and entrepreneurial skills and giving them access to invaluable content that will ultimately give them a kickstart in getting their businesses to the next level of growth.

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