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VOO Telecom Turns the Infamous Buffering Wheel into a New Medium

Data shows that over 50 per cent of people experience ‘buffer rage’ every day. A state of uncontrollable anger induced by the interruption of online content or streaming video due to slow internet speed. Up to 34 per cent of respondents even suffer more from buffer rage than road rage. Indeed, when it comes to the internet, our needs (and expectations) are growing exponentially, and nowadays, we all consider a fast internet connection to be perfectly normal. Well, so does VOO Telecom, for whom offering ultra-fast internet has always been a priority.

So, in order to bring all Belgians up to speed when it comes to their ever-increasing use of digital devices, VOO has launched an ambitious project named ‘La Vitesse Pour Tous’ (‘Fast Internet for All.’) The kick-off of the project is a world’s first. In collaboration with a selection of media, VOO hijacked the most frustrating symbol of the slow internet connection: the infamous buffering wheel that appears when a video takes time to load.

Indeed, by adapting the code behind the loading screens of news sites and streaming services, VOO added a new message, ‘Load up to 2 times faster with VOO.’ So, by transforming a frustration into a solution, VOO turns the actual buffering wheel into a new advertising medium.

And what about VOO clients?
Well, with an internet speed that is up to twice faster, the chance of them seeing this advertising message is virtually reduced to zero. It’s only when you’re confronted with the problem that we’ll confront you with the solution!

By doing this, VOO wants to encourage people to question their current speed. And that’s why the platform was set up. A website where all Belgian households can find out what their specific internet needs are and verify if their internet connection answers these needs. If it doesn’t, they know who they can turn to.

Further supported by a multimedia campaign in TV, radio and outdoor, VOO’s claim of ‘Fast Internet for All’ is going full speed ahead.

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