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Agency challenges the confines of conventional job hiring

The conception and implementation of a new idea is a wondrous thing. Today’s evolving environment and challenging market conditions necessitate the need for bold approaches and improvements on long standing norms. Since opening its doors in 2010, INDAYI Communications has personified these principles and broken away from conventions in their role of advertising, marketing and branding agency.

In keeping with its trend of engaging and progressive thinking, INDAYI incorporated a new approach in interviewing for and filling an important frontline position. Traditionally employers advertise a position, conduct interviews and hire the appropriate candidate. INDAYI has taken on a fresh approach by embarking on a creative social media campaign which included three bright and colourful adverts detailing the key qualities required by prospective candidates as well as the details of when, where and how to apply on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This stands in stark contrast to dull, text-only adverts traditionally used to advertise a position.See the video at

Once the candidates were selected through a thorough short-listing process over a number of days they were invited to a day at the office which included game playing and interacting with INDAYI employees to fine tunes and finger nibbles as the befitting crescendo of debuting the revised recruitment process, thus giving the candidates a chance to experience the INDAYI culture and making them feel comfortable and at home before the final interviews were conducted – after which the best candidate was chosen. This fresh approach is expedient in ways not only to the candidates who were put at ease but to the company too as the candidates were effectively introduced to the ‘corporate culture’.

The enthusiasm and progressive thinking put into this job hiring technique was perfectly summed up by Hlangulani Msomi, director and founder of Indayi Communications, when he said, ‘With INDAYI excellence is inescapable. We want to thread our corporate culture of creativity and vibrancy in all that we do in order for our growth in the industry to be marked by our ability to break the moulds of convention by way of tactical innovation. See the video at The successful candidate was Miss Simlindele Shabane.

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