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Achievement Matters in sets and staging

The events, staging and set-design industry has long been a specialised and specialist sector best left to the experts who guard their secrets closely and who speak in veiled terms saying things like ‘That can’t be done’ or ‘It is possible, but it will be very expensive’. As a client, be it an in-house marketing department or a dedicated marketing company nothing irks quite as much as hearing that your dream will never become a reality or that it will cost and arm and half a leg.

A new company has been formed with the aim of democratising stage, set, exhibition and event décor building. AM Sets and Staging is part of the AM.CO.ZA Group which comprises Advanced Machinery, AM Sets and Staging and Artium Magister, specialising in vocational and operational training. The AM Group is owned by Eric Yin and comprises companies dedicated to bringing the production facilities, finished article or necessary know-how to companies which have previously been turned away for wanting ‘The Impossible’.

Advanced Machinery supplies large-format printers, vinyl cutters, CNC cutters and routers and laser engravers and cutters. AM Sets and Staging produces vinyl cut-outs and large-format prints for clients who do not want to spend the money or who do not need to own the equipment. It also does CNC and laser cutting. As the name suggests, it handles set and stage-building for clients. Run by Mark Preiss and Eric Yin, AM Sets and Staging will provide pre-cut and simple-to-erect sets and stages for functions, events, exhibitions and all other types of function. Custom-built sets can be built according to specific requirements.’

Mark commented, ‘We are wanting to take the pain out of the process for customers. We will have a selection of ready-made sets which clients can choose from. This will provide them with the most cost-effective solution. In addition to being readily available and more cost-effective they include elements which most clients will have been told was not possible. However, some clients will require more elaborate sets and staging and for them we can custom-build to meet their requirements.’

Using CNC routers, cutters and laser engravers in conjunction with large-format printers and vinyl cutters, AM Sets and Staging can create effects which will give your event a spectacular look and feel. Advanced Machinery and AM Sets and Staging will combine their efforts at The GAPP Print Expo in March 2016 to launch its range of FastCOLOUR large-format printers, V-Smart vinyl cutters and PrintUP 3D printing system which will be available with special show pricing. The stand will also demonstrate what can be achieved using the various systems supplied by Advanced Machinery.

AM Sets and Staging will offer more than just the backdrops for events. Its offerings will include custom finishes and décor such as flat-pack table centre pieces for smaller clients. It is not the aim of AM Sets and Staging to compete with the clients who are buying the equipment from Advanced Machinery, but rather to address a markets sector which is not currently being supported.

Mark commented, There is a large demand for these one-off type of products which many of the larger companies cannot handle because of the expense associated with the set up and economies of scale. As a small operation we can handle everything from stage and set building to flat-pack children’s bedroom furniture at a more cost-effective price than bigger companies would be able to.

AM Sets and Staging recently held an open-house where corporate clients were invited to come and see what the company can achieve in terms of creating the right effect for specific requirements. Using a combination of the pre-built set designs with specific vinyl or wood cut-outs for personalisation or branding and the correct lighting, a wide variety of combinations can be achieved from just a few elements.

Mark added, ‘The standard stage and set packs will be sufficient for most clients because using these elements we can create a variety of different set designs and layouts. When it comes to larger or more intricate structures we will be able to design and build these according to order but obviously these will require larger budgets. However, we still believe that we will be able to do them more cost-effectively than many of the other stage and set builders.’

For more information on how AM Sets and Staging can help to create the perfect effect for you event contact Mark on 060 600 6000 or visit the website:

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