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CARAT is the Number 1 Global Media Agency Network

Carat has been announced as the Number One Global Media Network by RECMA, the global evaluator of media agencies, in its qualitative assessment.

This month, RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) announced that, based on a qualitative evaluation of media agencies in 49 countries, the Carat Global Network achieved the number one position. Furthermore, Carat South Africa also achieved the number one position in South Africa in the local qualitative ranking. Carat South Africa joined 10 markets, including USA, China and Russia, who achieved first place in their local ranking.

The study gathers the scores and profiles of 697 agencies in 49 countries, with the evaluation based on between 16 and19 criteria. The evaluation looks at Vitality – Momentum and Competitiveness, and Structure, including resource and client profile.

‘It is great to work for a network that is moving forward and achieving. We are happy that our local achievements over the last few years also are able to contribute to the fantastic global network positioning,’ said Carat SA MD Quinton Jones.

Jones said that the company’s performance could be ascribed to its ability to continue winning fiercely contested accounts in a tough market, as well as its ability to not only convince new clients that it is the agency of choice, but to service accounts beyond expectations.
‘Within the past six years trading as Carat, we have managed to build volume not replicated in any other agency,’ he said.

Jones said that the market has become exponentially more challenging in recent years, but that this only meant agencies had to up their game.
‘As the market became tougher, we became tougher,’ he said.

‘And this tenacity has paid off not only for the company, its employees and its clients, but has now seen the sterling efforts of our teams rewarded by the recognition bestowed on them by the global industry authority.

‘We have become a strong group, fully committed to operating at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry,’ said Jones.

Carat South Africa belongs to the global Carat Network which is part of Aegis Group Plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Carat network spans 70 countries with 5220 people worldwide.

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