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Point hosts breakfast with Jeremy Sampson

It is not often that an opportunity to spend an hour with brand Guru Jeremy Sampson presents itself. It was quite a treat to be able to host key clients at Point headquarters for breakfast with Jeremy.

This being the second Point Network forum, the intention was to make it even less formal than the previous one and to drive more focus to our clients and guest speaker. The guests delved into a presentation from Jeremy that was evidence of his 40 years’ experience in the branding industry, and listened as he effortlessly took us through what would have been a very academic conversation for some, in a personal, conversational and practical way.

This was a rare opportunity for those present to spend some time listening to colourful narrative on branding, and witness how seamlessly Jeremy navigated through topics relating to brand management, brand valuation and the new brand world, where the dialogue has gone from being one sided to a two way conversation between brands and consumers.
Jeremy took the topic; ‘Managing your Brand and Reputation’, and was able to contextualise it using interesting anecdotes and references that Point’s clients could relate to.

Two key points stood out for organiser and Point Customer Relations Manager, Khosi Jonas, the first being the reference to reputation management. ‘A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room’ and the second being the essence of branding captured in the statement ‘A brand is a promise made and a promise kept’.

‘This rung true for Point as a business, as the association and the reputation we are building in the industry needs to be synonymous with the promises we make in our value proposition. We are committed to partnering with our clients for the long-term in-order to achieve their set-out business goals and grow with them. The Point Network breakfasts are just one of the ways we are trying to stay connected. It is a deliberate effort from the Point business to engage key decision makers in conversations pertinent to growing their businesses.

‘We are already in the preparation phase of our next breakfast, which is a not to be missed for those that have an eye and heart for design. The speaker is industry renowned and has had a significant impact on the design landscape in South Africa and is passionate about changing the world through creativity!’ concluded Jonas.

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