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  • Does advertising of major sport events really pay off?

    By Dashni Vilakazi, Managing Director at The MediaShop Johannesburg No matter how a brand or advertiser looks at sport sponsorship – and of this there is no debate – it […]

  • Trend alerts for 2023

    As the first two weeks of 2023 have already passed us by, it’s time to look at trends that lie before us in the year ahead. The team from The […]

  • Greenwashing advertising sometimes misses the mark

    By Dashni Vilakazi, Managing Director at The MediaShop Greenwashing is essentially promoting products and services that are good for the planet and its people – a noble cause at first […]

  • The Metaverse: Advertising and the future of marketing

    By Isabel Smit, Implementation Planner at The MediaShop The Metaverse is here, but only in its infancy. Many of us may think of the Metaverse as that virtual world we’ll […]

  • Is print ever going to die?

    By Lerato Senne, Insights Strategist at The MediaShop A few years ago, we were frightened by this statement and the impact that digital would have on print’s “market share”. As […]

  • Reality reimagined, enter the Virtual Influencer

    By Natasha Miller, International Media Manager SAT at The MediaShop I recently attended a Global Marketing Forum in which one of the participants briefly touched on the “rise of virtual […]

  • The evolving face of TV

    By Claire Herman, Media Operations Manager, The MediaShop Following the recent deaths of Betty White and Bob Saget, I was taken back to the “early days” of television, where we […]

  • The MediaShop shares predictions for 2022

    The latest South African economic outlook set for 2022 ranks a few key influencing factors for the year including loadshedding, municipal coalitions, lockdown restrictions and on-going vaccination impetus from government and […]

  • Business efficacy still possible through turmoil

    By Dashni Vilakazi, Managing Director at The MediaShop The conversation around keeping a business relevant, efficient and purposeful, while still being agile in our current pandemic climate is one that […]

  • Celebrate our cognitive diversity this Heritage month

    By Dashni Vilakazi, Managing Director at The MediaShop Johannesburg South Africa is well known as being the Rainbow Nation for obvious reasons. We are not a homogenous people but rather a […]

  • If you think online gaming “is just a game”, then you’re not part of The Matrix

    By Riezkhah Allan, Media Strategist at The MediaShop With the disruptiveness of the Covid pandemic, we saw shifts across all human habits, with one in particular that stood out – […]

  • The MediaShop employs more interns this year

    Despite tough trading conditions, The MediaShop has remained steadfast in its commitment to employ interns each year over at least the past decade, ensuring that many bright young minds enter […]