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  • Life is an affiliate program

    By Jake Shepherd, Synthesis Co-founder and Technical Director I have often been asked for advice about how to succeed in life. Most answers to this question speak to hard work, […]

  • It is not good enough to simply talk about culture

    By Howard Feldman, Head of Marketing & People at Synthesis The conversation would follow the same pattern. ‘Howard,’ my wife would say, ‘I heard about an amazing marriage-enrichment programme. Can […]

  • How to tap into the art of imagination?

    By Jake Sheperd, Co-founder, Technical Director & Hero Builder at Synthesis When I was young I dreamed that I could fly and everyone would realise how amazing I was: the […]

  • The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them?

    By Kim Furman, Marketing Manager at Synthesis Covid-19 has taught us to shy away from predictions – the future is an uncertain landscape. Yet some areas allow for more accurate […]

  • Digital transformation is key to any business’ success

    By Tjaard du Plessis, Head of Digital and Emerging Technology at Synthesis Software Technologies As the world adapted to the realities of COVID-19, industries and businesses needed to have a […]

  • Igniting the business potential of cloud IoT

    The arrival of AWS in South Africa and the continuing evolution of the cloud have resulted in an enabling environment, where businesses can embrace large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) projects. […]

  • Six Olympic lessons for working life

    By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager The Olympics are the coalescence of excellence across countries and cultures – a showcase of the best doing their best. However, this year is […]

  • LEAN, Agile and DevOps: A vaccine for stalled digital transformation

    By Jonty Sidney, Cloud and DevOps Engineer at Synthesis Starting in July 1916, the British Expeditionary Force, under the leadership of Field Marshall Douglas Haig, began the battle of the […]

  • It’s not how much you spend, but how much you care

    By Belinda Unterslak, Synthesis Events and Marketing Coordinator We live in a world where our interests are tracked by our online searches, our social media is open to the public […]

  • Fact from Fiction

    By Howard Feldman, Head of Marketing & People at Synthesis It’s getting more and more difficult to separate fact from fiction. A few years ago, my mother-in-law would send me […]

  • Tech without Tertiary?

    By Deborah Miller,Talent Acquisition Specialist at Synthesis The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is undeniably changing the way careers are initiated, fostered and sculpted, specifically the way we as workforce specialists […]

  • Yes, you can (but should you?)

    By Steyn Basson, Synthesis Director of Integration and Products Over the course of the last year, we have all been forced to work from home a lot more than ever […]