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  • 2023 Marketing trends every marketing manager needs to know

     By Kevin Matos, Senior Customer Engagement Consultant at Decision Inc. It is no secret that businesses have had quite a challenging year amidst the current macroeconomic climate. The word of […]

  • Hiring for potential in the war for talent

    By Karien Spencer, Talent Acquisition Lead at Decision Inc. Globally, employers are arming themselves for war. But this war is not taking place on a battlefield or in the trenches […]

  • Customer Experience: The competitive advantage for business today

    By Estiaan van der Merwe, Principal Engagement Consultant at Decision Inc. Customer experience is critical for companies to differentiate themselves now more than ever. The rise of varying technologies has […]

  • It’s time to rethink customer engagement

    By David Steyn, Business Manager: Customer Engagement at Decision Inc. Customer engagement (CE) has become a commodity. It’s the definitive metric by which organisations are measured and defines customer loyalty […]

  • Three key imperatives for the modern CFO

    By Ignatius Richards, Business Manager: Financial Planning and Analysis at Decision Inc. The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) changed significantly over the last decade. From being the financial […]

  • Decision Inc.: A year in review

    A leader in information-driven transformation, Decision Inc. takes a look back at 2021 and how one of the most challenging years in recent history shaped the stratospheric growth and expansion […]

  • Understanding the ROI of promotions through advanced analytics

    By Ina Oosthuizen, Decision Inc, Data Scientist The retail industry is becoming more competitive by the day. Promotions can be an effective way to increase demand, but to do so […]

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    Manufacturing Sector Should Rethink Approach in a Post COVID-19 World

    COVID-19 cannot take all the blame for the disruptions taking place in the global economy. The pandemic and resultant lockdown simply provided a conduit for highlighting the failings across industries […]