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Africanbank unveils audacious brand renewal

Africanbank, a pioneer in the financial sector renowned for its commitment to African excellence, is stepping into a new era of growth and innovation. The bank has unveiled its revamped logo and an empowering new campaign message, “Africanbank backs you”.

The refresh of Africanbank’s CI represents a bold step towards the future as the bank continues to journey forward on its Excelerate25 strategy launched in 2021. This transformation is not merely cosmetic; it reflects the bank’s unwavering dedication to its core values and the communities it serves.

One of the most exciting unveilings in this transformation is the logo – a symbol of Africanbank’s commitment to progress and inclusivity. The logo design echoes the bank’s rich heritage, signifying resilience, innovation and the power of audacity. It encapsulates the journey of Africanbank from its audacious inception in 1975 to its present-day status as a symbol of financial empowerment.

It also represents the amalgamation of three banks – Africanbank, Grindrod Bank and Ubank – into one brand, with a new look and feel.

Over the past 18 months, Africanbank has made significant strides in expanding its reach and impact within the financial landscape. The acquisitions of both Grindrod Bank and Ubank have not only bolstered the bank’s balance sheet, but also signalled a strategic shift towards a more diversified financial ecosystem.

Africanbank Group Chief Marketing Officer, Sbusiso Kumalo, says: ‘Brand upgrades are more than just a fresh coat of paint; they are a strategic investment in staying connected to our audience, adapting to market changes and reinforcing our brand’s values and promises. They signal our commitment to innovation and customer experience.’

Kumalo continues, ‘This transformation is particularly significant for Africanbank at this time as we prepare for our listing and continue our journey of growth. It represents a strategic investment in our brand’s future and captures the attention of new audiences.

‘We celebrate this growth at a time of sadness, as we remember our founder, Dr. Sam Motsuenyane. His triumph in establishing South Africa’s first black bank, was a victory for us all and his story remains a source of inspiration.

‘As we mourn the loss of this extraordinary man, we celebrate his many contributions to the country. As Africanbank, we have vowed to honour his legacy by ensuring that his vision of a bank for the people, by the people, serving the people will be realised.’

Kumalo concludes: ‘As Africanbank continues to pave the way for a brighter financial future, this audacious transformation highlights its focus on being a force for positive change, driving economic inclusivity and empowering individuals and businesses to thrive.’

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