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Lampro Event Solutions delivers outstanding audiovisual services at Acumatica Summit 2024

The Acumatica Summit 2024, an event hosted at the Indaba Hotel, successfully brought together Acumatica’s key customers, partners and prospects on April 16th and 17th in Johannesburg. While the event was expertly organised to foster discussion, collaboration and entertainment, the smooth execution was supported by Lamprech Event Solutions, which provided essential audiovisual services.

Hanroux Lamprecht, the multifaceted Project Manager, Sound Engineer and Lighting Designer, managed the event’s technical demands. ‘Acumatica entrusted us with their summit after observing our work at a previous conference. We customised our technical solutions to meet the specific requirements of various international speakers,’ said Hanroux.

The lighting design included 18 beamZ BPP210 LED par cans and 4 beamZ Pro Ignite 180 LED Moving Head Spots, ensuring the venue looked vibrant and inviting. ‘beamZ lights are reliable and adaptable, perfect for any event setting,’ Lamprecht explained.

‘The audio requirements for the conference were fairly basic initially, but we decided to incorporate several audio elements to ensure our newly acquired client would have an outstanding audio-visual experience,’ stated Lamprecht.

The audio setup included four FBT X-SUB 118SA subwoofers and six FBT X-LITE 115A 15” Active Speakers, delivering clear and powerful sound. ‘We recently switched to FBT after using other professional brands. We’ve always been extremely satisfied with how StageOne treats their clients before and after a sale,’ Lamprecht noted. ‘Needless to say, the FBT X-LITE range sounds phenomenal; this PA packs a punch without compromising sound quality or clarity.’

The summit showcased technical excellence and strengthened the Acumatica community through engaging activities and networking opportunities. ‘Our aim was to support the community atmosphere while ensuring the smooth running of all event aspects. The dependable performance of FBT and Beamz equipment was key to our success,’ Lamprecht concluded.

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