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Nedbank’s commitment in improving financial literacy through innovative approach 

Enhancing financial literacy stands as a significant opportunity in South Africa. Empowering people with a deeper understanding of essential financial principles can pave the way for greater financial security and prosperity. Recognising this potential, Nedbank, a leading financial institution in South Africa, is actively engaged in initiatives to promote financial empowerment, especially among the younger generation. 

Roblox has taken South African youth by storm and truly brings in the wave of Web 3.0 into mainstream users. You have heard of parents complaining online about their children’s addiction to this gaming platform, but it is not all negative.

Nedbank has embraced an innovative approach to financial education by leveraging the popularity of online gaming platforms – one of the first banks in Africa to do so. In collaboration with influencer agency MSL, Nedbank launched the Roblox Chow Town campaign, aligning with their brand narrative of “Play, Learn, Earn”.

This campaign partnered with child influencer Kairo Forbes and mother, DJ Zinhle, which aimed to engage pre-teens in an interactive and educational gaming experience within the virtual world of Roblox, teaching them valuable financial literacy skills while having fun. 

The primary objective of the Chow Town campaign was to increase game play engagement and retention. The results speak volumes about the campaign’s success. The content reached over 5.6 million people, with over 470 000 organic content engagements and an impressive 5.4-million organic video views. These metrics not only demonstrate the campaign’s widespread reach but also highlight the level of interest and active participation it generated among the target audience. 

The campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs) further underscore its effectiveness. On Instagram, where engagement rates (percentage of engagements over impressions) were set at 6% KPI, the campaign exceeded expectations, resulting in a remarkable 10% engagement rate. Similarly, on TikTok, where the KPI was 5% engagement rates, the campaign achieved a commendable 7% engagement rate.

Moreover, the reach exceeded the KPI per post on both platforms, with influencers Zinhle and Kairo surpassing their respective targets by significant margins. These results are unheard of for influencer campaign results in the financial sector, showing the impact of how brands partnering with the right influencers and having a strong strategy can change digital sentiment around the brand and financial literacy. This exceptional level of engagement highlights the effectiveness of using gaming as a platform to deliver financial education in an engaging and accessible manner. 

‘When a brand pushes the boundaries of influencer marketing, not only by venturing into Web 3.0 but also incorporating influencers within a 360 campaign, it will always achieve higher results. The success of this campaign came from fully involving our influencers in the campaign, as well as choosing the right influencers to partner with. Kairo was an incredible ambassador as she plays Chow Town and loves the game. This authentic love for the game came through in the content created and truly was the perfect alignment. The game achieved over 100k game plays within 3 months of the campaign going live and this can definitely be contributed to the power of influencers,’ said Michael Constantinides (Cost), Senior Account Director: Influencer at MSL Group. 

By incorporating financial literacy lessons into the Chow Town gaming experience, Nedbank has demonstrated its commitment to empowering the youth with essential life skills. By instilling these crucial concepts early on, the bank is equipping the next generation with the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions, ultimately contributing to a more financially literate society. 

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