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IoT Media Solutions for seamless POS, content delivery, video streaming and advertising

By Merousha Harichand, Chief Information Officer at Trinity

Businesses across industry sectors need to embrace digital innovation to remain competitive. As part of this, they must explore new avenues to captivate audiences and amplify the efficiency of their advertising campaigns.

This is where Trinity’s IoT media solutions have been designed to integrate technology, strategy and a people-centric approach to redefine video streaming, content delivery and interactive media experiences.

At the heart of Trinity’s approach lies a platform for managing devices and SIMs, as well as an application for managing Android devices, SIMs and devices empowered with IoT technology. This provides businesses with a complete ecosystem to enhance real-time data processing and analytics while still delivering engaging, interactive experiences.

The IoT-enabled devices leverage the latest Android operating system. A feature such as printing slips with QR codes directly from the device to enrich the customer experience is just one example of how Trinity aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital advertising interventions.

Collaborating with Barrows

A practical example of this innovative technology in action can be seen through Trinity’s partnership with Barrows Global where traditional display advertising is enhanced through interactive and engaging consumer experiences.

By integrating Trinity’s technology with Barrow’s displays, a novel interactive layer is added to Barrow’s in-store advertising, allowing for direct consumer engagement through QR code-generated Wi-Fi access in exchange for purchases. This method not only incentivises consumer behaviour but also provides a direct advertising channel to the consumer’s mobile device to maximise brand impact and engagement.

The use of free Wi-Fi access also serves as an advertising and engagement tool. In a pilot project, devices placed in establishments like shebeens offered customers free Wi-Fi access proportional to their purchases. This approach demonstrates how Trinity leverages its technology to create value for both businesses and consumers, transforming routine transactions into opportunities for enhanced engagement and targeted advertising.

Trinity’s Device Management Application- Tandem

Central to the success of Trinity’s IoT Media Solution is Tandem – our in-house device management application that ensures the security and efficiency of devices deployed in the field. Tandem’s capabilities are critical for mitigating the risks associated with public device deployment, enabling features such as kiosk mode, remote management and remote updates. This ensures that the devices remain secure, functional and aligned with the latest advertising content, without the need for physical intervention.

Operating in the background, Tandem provides retailers with the ability to easily put the device into a kiosk mode that locks it to fulfill its intended use and safeguard it against any potential abuse. The security of Trinity’s powerful portable devices can raise access concerns. But with Tandem, businesses can effortlessly monitor it against abuse and theft. For one, Tandem can restrict user access depending on user rights, preventing unauthorised internet browsing or other potentially malicious activities.

Because Tandem runs as a background service, it can also automatically receive remote updates. This makes it ideal for retailers to dynamically adjust any advertising campaigns or introduce new promotions. With businesses being able to remotely manage these devices, installing new applications without any physical interaction becomes a significant time and cost-saver. In this way, retailers can ensure continuous and uninterrupted service.

Monitor all the action through our Trinity Connect platform

Trinity’s Connect platform’s adaptability is a testament to its design and strategic vision. We provide businesses with white-labelled and customisable solution catering to just about what the business needs, from courier services, restaurants, utilities, retail media, food services, digital signage solutions, e-commerce and to advertising services. This versatility ensures that Trinity’s IoT Media Solutions can meet the nuanced needs of any business looking to leverage digital advertising to its fullest potential.


Our vision extends beyond the South African market. Trinity has customers around Africa and we are looking into expanding there and beyond. This ambition is underpinned by our continued commitment to compliance, data security and the provision of Google-certified hardware. In this way, clients get the best of both worlds – innovative digital devices that are also secure, reliable and compliant with data protection regulations.

We therefore aim to establish a rapport with the technical leaders who are shaping the future of their respective industries. By aligning our solutions with their strategic goals, we not only position ourselves as thought leaders but also as partners in innovation. Our goal is to foster a community where technology serves as the bridge to the future, and where Trinity is seen as the architect of this new digital horizon.

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