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Is SMS marketing dead? Brands were able to earn $33 million through text messages

A recent report by the e-commerce marketing platform Omnisend showed that brands were able to generate $33 million using SMS marketing in 2023. Another report shows that 66% of consumers choose to communicate with businesses via SMS.

‘SMS marketing can be very useful in the marketing toolbox of any company, especially for businesses that operate online,’ says Greg Zakowicz, senior e-commerce marketing expert at Omnisend. ‘Online businesses mostly rely on non-personal communication, so SMS, which is an inherently more personal medium, is a great way to engage their customers.’

Behaviour-based SMS works two times better

Research shows that SMSs sent based on user behaviour had two times bigger conversion rates than SMS campaigns that are usually sent to all the subscribers at the same time. “Timing is very important and automated messages sent based on behaviour helps to connect with your customers at the best possible time,’ he explains.

Examples of automated messages include:

– “back-in-stock” messages, that help to inform a customer that something they wanted to buy is available for sale;

– “cart abandonment” messages that can be sent to customers in case they exit the marketplace with their online carts full of items;

– “birthday” messages that can offer a special deal on their special day;

– and many others.

How can you make your SMS marketing strategy more effective?

‘Done well, SMS marketing drives sales, keeps customers happy, gains positive reviews and grows your business without barriers. It’s cost-effective, affordable and surprisingly popular with audiences around the world,’ says Zakowicz, offering a couple of tips for marketing experts who want to try SMS.

1. Take advantage of automation. Automated messages not only help to build a relationship with your customer without investing extra time but also are more effective than any other type of SMS.

2. Build your subscriber list. For the SMS channel to be impactful, you should gain consent to send text messages from as many customers as possible. Provide a “Text to Join” option, which allows customers to subscribe by texting a keyword to your designated number.

3. Write short but actionable text message copy. It is best to keep your messages between 75-115 characters, or 3-4 lines long, and include words like “now”, “ending soon”, and “this week only” to encourage your subscribers to convert.

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