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Bayer South East Africa welcomes Jessica Nkosi as a Brand Ambassador

With over 170 consumer health brands in its innovative global portfolio, Bayer gives people the ability to take charge of their health requirements across a range of conditions, including dermatology. The collaboration between Bepanthen® DERMAand Jessica is an example of Bayer’s ongoing efforts to constantly seek new ways to reach, interact and communicate with consumers.

Jessica Nkosi is a well-known artist, a graceful woman and holistic wellness advocate, who personifies Bepanthen® DERMA’s dedication to skin health. With Jessica Nkosi as brand ambassador for Bepanthen® DERMA, consumers can anticipate real initiatives that stress the value of skincare and the promotion of healthy and radiant skin. With her passion for health and beauty, Jessica Nkosi is the perfect fit to represent Bepanthen® DERMA’s dedication to caring for the skin of South African consumers.

‘Bayer’s Bepanthen® has always been at the forefront of skincare and I am delighted to be part of a brand that aligns with my values. Skin health is an important aspect of overall wellbeing, and I look forward to sharing the benefits of Bepanthen® DERMA’s product range with the South African community,’ said Jessica Nkosi.

As a Bepanthen® DERMA ambassador, Jessica Nkosi will engage with the public through various campaigns, sharing her own experiences about the brand products and highlighting the significance of implementing a thorough skincare routine into everyday life.

‘With Jessica’s great impact over South African audiences, this partnership promises to be mutually beneficial and make her the ideal fit for the brand. I am confident that our collaboration with Jessica to promote skin health will resonate well with consumers and further strengthen the brand’s position as a reliable skincare ally. We are thrilled to welcome Jessica Nkosi to the Bepanthen® DERMA family,’ said S’thokoza Nhleko, Marketing Head for Anglo Speaking Sub-Sahara.

Consumers can look forward to exciting collaborations, insightful skincare tips and encouraging messages from Jessica Nkosi, a Bepanthen® DERMA ambassador for skin health and radiance in South Africa.

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