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LG’s inspiring brand film goes viral: Life’s Good When You Dive in Smile First

LG’s new brand film, “Life’s Good When You Dive in Smile First,” has taken the digital world by storm, amassing an impressive 95-million views globally, since its release in October. This remarkable success has not only captured the attention of millions but has also received widespread acclaim from viewers, with some calling it “the best commercial I have seen lately”.

In a time of pervasive uncertainty, the film resonates by tackling the challenges that countless individuals face today. As decisions become more overwhelming and the future appears less certain, many people struggle with anxiety and distress when confronted with life-altering choices.

Recognising the need to address this issue with tact and empathy, LG embarked on a journey to deliver a message of encouragement and support to those who aspire to approach life with unwavering optimism. As a brand that has achieved immense success by embracing an optimistic mindset, LG sought to inspire others to adopt the same perspective.

The keyword that resonates throughout the film is “optimism,” says Choi Joong-ho, a professional at LG’s Brand Strategy team. In a world grappling with a global pandemic and its subsequent challenges, LG, alongside its team of passionate individuals, was determined not to succumb to complacency or offer empty reassurances to its customers. Instead, they endeavoured to share a genuine message that fosters optimism.

‘Starting from the key visual of a middle-aged man riding a longboard to writing the script that incorporated the campaign’s main message of optimism, we took a lot of time internally to consider different perspectives,’ explains Choi Joong-ho. ‘We wanted our audience to feel like they could be the main character—that anyone watching could think of it as their own story.’

LG’s commitment to improving the lives of its customers extends beyond this brand film. Earlier this year, they introduced “Brand Reinvent”, an initiative aimed at further interpreting their message of a better life. ‘We understand that life can be difficult and painful at times, and the Life’s Good message aims to encourage that there is always the possibility of optimism in everyone’s heart,’ says Choi Joong-ho.

The brand film was crafted to show that by embracing optimism and fearlessly embracing challenges, people can uncover the goodness and value in life. It serves as a visual embodiment of LG’s message, showcasing the power of belief and the potential for a brighter tomorrow.

‘By introducing our Life’s Good global updated brand philosophy, LG hopes to promote the importance of embracing a positive mindset and fostering a sense of unity and support among people,’ said Mr Jinkook Kang, Subsidiary President of LG Electronics South Africa. ‘We want to remind South Africans that even in the face of uncertainty and adversity, life can still be good.’

In a brief span of time, LG’s brand film has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, resonating deeply with individuals who yearn for a more optimistic outlook. By tapping into the universal desire for hope and encouragement, LG has not only showcased its commitment to its customers but has also created a powerful testament to the transformative power of optimism.

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