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The Association of African Exhibition Organisers announces the return of the ROAR Awards in 2024

The Association of African Organisers’ (AAXO) ROAR Awards are back, set to take place on the 29th of February 2024 and poised to once again celebrate and honour exceptional achievements in exhibition organisation, exhibitor participation and service excellence. 

The ROAR Awards ceremony has earned a distinguished reputation as a pinnacle event within the exhibition industry, providing a unique platform for association members to connect, rejoice in their accomplishments and bask in the prestige of their awards. Rooted in the rewards of Respect, Opportunities, Achievements and Recognition, the ROAR Awards not only highlight outstanding accomplishments but also set the stage for elevating industry standards and aspirations for the year ahead. 

‘We believe in the power of recognition and its ability to inspire progress. After a brief hiatus, the ROAR Awards are back, serving as a beacon for excellence in our dynamic industry,’ said Devi Paulsen-Abbott, Chairperson of AAXO. ‘This event is more than just an awards ceremony; it is a platform where the industry’s finest come together to network, share insights and raise the industry bar.’

At the core of the AAXO ROAR Awards is a deep commitment to acknowledging and appreciating excellence in every facet of the exhibition landscape, celebrating the culmination of hard work and dedication, while serving as a catalyst for industry growth and advancement. As the anticipation builds for the upcoming ROAR Awards, industry professionals are invited to unite, connect and participate in a grand celebration that embodies the true spirit of the exhibition industry.

In preparation for the much-awaited ceremony, AAXO is already hard at work finalising the categories that will once again showcase the best and brightest in the world of exhibitions to be announced in due course. AAXO is also finalising agreements with a prestigious line-up of local and international judges, who will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that the Awards are marked by fairness, objectivity and global perspective.

‘We are dedicated to acknowledging not only exceptional exhibitions but also the remarkable efforts and achievements of professionals and teams who contribute to the exhibition ecosystem,’ Paulsen-Abbott remarked.

AAXO extends its gratitude to its members, partners and stakeholders for their unwavering support during this exciting journey. As the ROAR Awards return in 2024, they promise to once again shine a spotlight on excellence and innovation in the African exhibition industry.

Nominations and submissions will open soon.

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