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McCann Joburg partners with Mastercard for Rugby World Cup 2023

McCann Joburg, in partnership with Mastercard, have launched an inspiring Rugby World Cup 2023 campaign aimed at embracing the spirit of the game, on and off the field and to remind audiences to “Live Like Rugby”. Mastercard has been the proud sponsor of the Rugby World Cup for 12 years.  

‘The core values of rugby, which include discipline, integrity, teamwork, passion, solidarity and resilience are principles that resonate in our day-to-day life. Mastercard, in its role as a worldwide partner of Rugby World Cup, therefore wants to inspire people to embrace these values in their everyday lives, as life can be filled with challenges one needs to tackle and moments where one needs to scrum for support,’ says Morgina Akinlabi at Mastercard South Africa.

The creative for the campaign brings this analogy to life by pairing images and footage of rugby and real-life moments, which were rolled out on online videos and out-of-home executions.

‘We are thrilled to partner with Mastercard for the Rugby World Cup. Rugby is more than just a sport to the people of South Africa; it embodies their shared history, resilience and unity, serving as a powerful symbol of national identity. By daring to embrace truth and authenticity, McCann Joburg aimed to honour the deep-rooted cultural and emotional connections associated with rugby, while also inspiring a renewed sense of pride and belonging within the nation,’ says Derek Coles at McCann Joburg.

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