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Courvoisier’s “Welcome to our Maison” campaign celebrates iconic influencers

Social media influencers, creators and celebrities alike are consistently and increasingly being placed at the centre of brand advertising campaigns, vying for the attention of consumers and enticing them to purchase.  This is a global phenomenon and in South Africa it is no different, with brands joining the strategic use of influencers – those personalities that provide valuable and authentic value – in their marketing efforts.

More often than not, the relationship becomes a mutually beneficial one, adding value not only to the product or service brand, but to the brands that the influencers are carefully curating. Social media influencers are celebrities within their own right, elevating themselves and their followers through aspiration and ambition. And for this reason, they provide for a perfect fit for specific brands.

Courvoisier has placed its brand influencers in the spotlight by using their images on billboards in key locations in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban; and as such integrating them fully into its new through-the-line marketing campaign. While billboards have been part of the campaign elements over time, the brand has selected OOH as its ATL hero within the marketing mix.

The broader campaign encompasses Out of Home (OOH), digital, social media, bespoke luxury occasion events and PR, connecting brand to consumer through highly specific media placement and activations, while leveraging the influence of Fhatuwani Mukheli, Melody Molale and Tristan Du Plessis, together with other relevant influencers.

‘Courvoisier’s collaboration with Fhatuwani, Melody and Tristan has successfully connected the luxury cognac brand with the South African consumer. The influencers live the brand and its joie de vivre positioning. The inclusion of our influencers, on our impactful and strategically located Out of Home campaign marks a significant milestone for both Courvoisier and our influencer partners – the Courvoisier lifestyle and house style have successfully made an indelible mark within the market,’ says Stella Bischoff, Head of Marketing at Beam Suntory.

Cognac in Blossom

Furthermore, the new campaign welcomes consumers to the Courvoisier house style through its “Welcome to our Maison” activity. The Courvoisier house style reveals the intricate nuances of the exuberant floral cognac. Subtle, lingering and exquisitely balanced, Maison Courvoisier draws upon the life, joy and rich history of the Maison, as well as the Cognac region of France and its people – all of which collectively define Cognac in Blossom.

Courvoisier’s social media influencers

Over the three-year period that the brand has partnered with Mukheli, Molale and Du Plessis, the mutually beneficial relationship has seen both, the Courvoisier brand and their respective brands, grow while solidifying their visibility and desirability nationally and even within the global context.

Multi-disciplinary artist Fhatuwani Mukheli epitomises the brand’s joie de vivre – joy of living – through his artistic endeavours and his social media influence. Similarly, Melody Molale personifies the floral bouquet of the cognac with her curated look, luxury lifestyle and influence within the fashion industry. Tristan du Plessis, world-renowned interior designer who also continues to collaborate with the brand, brings his quiet luxury into the mix.

Extended influencer marketing

The brand is expanding its influencer marketing through the inclusion of an extended list of influential content creators with the addition of fashion stylist and creative director, Obakeng Rantlhane; and performance and visual artist Kgotlelelo Bradley Sekiti aka K.Skits. Each influencer is successful in their respective industry and epitomise the brand identity through their style, their way of life and their celebration of life’s joyful moments.

‘Our new campaign welcomes consumers to our house, our style, our bouquet, our lifestyle and it’s driven in the consumer space by individuals that provide the authentic and organic engagement that as brand marketers we all seek. We’re excited about the creative and impactful campaign featuring our content creators, who are now the face of the brand. It is well deserved and we look forward to an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship into the future.’ concludes Bischoff.

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