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W-Suite celebrates International Women’s Day by imparting the power of affirmation and collaboration

The imperative pursuit for a gender equal world continues as the annually observed day of the 8th of March, also known as International Women’s Day has become a day of celebrating advocacy and equality for women’s rights as well as forging the path for a world that is free from bias, discrimination and stereotypes. Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated with a unique and fitting campaign theme. The theme for 2023 has been to embrace equity and specifically to speak to the differences between equality and equity.

The notable differences between equality and equity have been an important discussion surrounding privilege and circumstances. Equality will be harder to achieve without the existence of equity. W-Suite Founder, Katie Mohamed believes that “the conversation needs to be shifted from one about equality or equal rights to one of equity”.

W-Suite, an empowerment platform focused on driving key dialogues about gender equality, hosted two separate events to honour the day. The first event took place at 39 Melrose Boulevard and hosted a group of dynamic women at an affirmation activation. The session was facilitated by Founder of Authentic Movement, Zahraa Said, who introduced the group to powerful personal and professional affirmations to help them unlock their personal prowess. Some notable attendees from the affirmation activation were Mrs South Africa 2018, Nicole Austin as well as Founder of End Girl Hate, Leanne Dlamini.

The second event was an intimate culinary experience that was held at the Why Cook studios in Bryanston and hosted a select group of ladies who were grouped together to create a smorgasbord of delicious foods and flavours. The purpose of the session was to place importance on the efficacy of collaboration and how when women collaborate and uplift each other, the world can be a better place for all.

On the menu for the day was chickpea and cauliflower curry, beef tacos, a Waldorf salad, a Thai green curry and it ended off with a scrumptious peach tart. The mouth-watering recipes and ingredients were provided by Why Cook SA’s co-owners Yolanda Dlamini and Mathapelo Montsho who offer these sessions as birthday events as well as corporate team-building events. In attendance for the culinary session, W-Suite hosted entrepreneur and powerhouse Allegro Dinkwanyane and Tik Tok sensation, Galaletsang Halle Robinson also known as @hallebberry.

Both events were a beautiful culmination of embracing equity and introduced individuals from diverse backgrounds to each other. The W-Suite events always create intricate networking platforms for all who attend – a perfect ode to the International Women’s Day campaign theme.

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