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Significant Director appointments at Bateleur Brand Planning

Market research agency Bateleur Brand Planning recently announced the appointment of Kim-Lee de Vries to Director of Operations and Michellé Steyn to Sales and Marketing Director. 

Both have been with the company for over ten years, working as shareholders and directors more recently. But as their experience and skills have advanced, so have their passions and interests. De Vries, promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing in 2021, will now oversee all facets of the company. Steyn was the Data Collection Director managing the national field operations and online segment. Now she is responsible for sales and marketing.

Gordon Hooper, Managing Director of Bateleur, shared, ‘As a small, highly experienced and intimate team, relationships and operations are held in the hands of shareholders and directors who personally manage projects. It’s clear to see an individual’s strengths; passion is difficult to ignore. We have built our business on key offerings, including developing management strategies to create energy and efficiency amongst employees for our clients. Our team not only understands employee engagement but also embraces it wholeheartedly in our own business. These new appointments are fulfilling personal ambitions while supporting the company goals; it’s a win-win.’

Bateleur started a five-year succession planning and development programme in 2021 to prepare for Hooper’s retirement. As the Director of Operations, de Vries will gain hands-on experience and be groomed to transition into the MD role eventually.

Mentorship and upskilling are strategic cornerstones in the company, underpinning our values. De Vries added, ‘Our team is our most valuable asset, so we always try to ensure they have the tools, resources and training. We always try to encourage a culture of growth and learning.’ Steyn agrees that this philosophy is entrenched in the culture and believes this is one of the aspects that differentiates Bateleur.

Already settling into their new roles, de Vries and Steyn are eager to implement their roles armed with historical knowledge of the company, the learnings gained from Hooper and their passion and ideas to help Bateleur and its clients succeed.

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